Surge arrester ( Fine controller for SAT ) FC-SAT-D OBO

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    Fine controller for SAT systems and receivers

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    OBO Bettermann

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Surge arrester (Fine controller for SAT systems and receivers) , suitable for SAT and receivers , As the third stage of the circuit are used to protect and enable to conduct or block the 3 kA with wave form 8/20 μS, and the maximum level of protection standards in this class, is 1.5 kV. This equipment will directly be installed before the ultimate electrical and electronic consumers. Other features of this device are : - With Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc=275V) - With child protection - 5-year warranty - VDE test mark Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including D Class ,Type III.

  • Surge arrester class Class D (Type III )
  • Voltage protection level (L-N) : <1.2kV (N-PE) : <1.5kV
  • Nominal Voltage 230V
  • Nominal discharge current(8/20) 3kA
  • Response time <25ns
  • maximum back-up fuse 16A
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  • FC-SAT-D
  • Surge arrestor (Fine controller for SAT systems and receivers) Item No : 5092 81 6 color :pure white
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