Panel Earth leakage Relay ELR-7

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Panel Earth leakage Relay ELR-7 is an Panel earth leakage protection device , which maintaining its ample scope of settings, both for current and time delay . with a reduced depth of 72mm, including wiring terminals. This allows to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum . has a built-in filter, at the input circuits, which brings it practically immune to external distortions . it also has 2 change-over separated contacts and a transparent front cover for protection. the special features of this device are : - Test push button - Reset push button - Current tripping setting potentiometer - Tripping time setting potentiometer - Green LED for presence - Red LED for relay tripped Bornika is the exclusive representative of Contrel company, in purchasing , sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment including Panel Earth leakage Relay ELR-7.

  • Output 2changeover contact , 5A , 250V
  • IP IP20 , IP40 front with closed cover(opt. IP55)
  • Consumption 3VA
  • tripping time adjustment range 0.02-5 sec
  • Auxiliary voltage supply 24-48V AC/DC , 110V AC/DC , 230V AC ±20%(standard)
  • Dimensions 48x48x72 mm
  • Current tripping adjustment range 0.025 -25A
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Download catalog file: Panel Earth leakage Relay ELR-7 data sheet 574 KB

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More Details
  • Panel Earth leakage Relay ELR-7
  • Insulation test : 2.5kV 60sec Working temperature : -10 +60°c - with screw terminal for cross section wires 2.5 mm2 -Flush mounting DIN 48x48mm, depth 72mm
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