MYS5 surge arrester

MYS5 surge arrester

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    MYS5 Series

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MYS5 type over voltage protector is mainly applied to the 3nd & 4th class protection between 380V power system wire and zero to ground. Features: 1- Great absorbing capability(5kA~20kA), low clamping voltage 2-Fast response 3- The modules can be replaced without switching the power off 4- Available with double monitoring separation device controlled by thermo fuse and current fuse 5- With remote monitoring alarm terminals 6- The red window shows failure borna niroo karan (bornika) company is sales agent of xiwuer surge arrester.

  • Surge arrester class Class C (Type II )
  • Mounting Type DIN rail
  • Voltage protection level 1.9KV
  • Nominal Voltage 385V
  • Nominal discharge current(8/20) 20KA
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