cirprotec lightning counter

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CDR-401 is the new generation of Cirprotec lightning discharge counter, according to UNE-EN 50164-6 / UNE-EN 62561-6 / UTE C 17106. CDR-401 is a "Clip-on" counter that can be installed around the conductor. Ideal also for retrofitting. CDR-401 can be firmly attached to the conductor by means of internal rubber pads. Hence, the system can be firmly installed without even attaching it to the wall with screws. Special features: -Accordance with standards UNE-EN 50164-6 / UNE-EN 62561-6 / UTE C 17106 -Open core technology -Easy and tight fastening -can be used on both flat tape and round conductors -clip-on installation borna niroo karan (bornika) company is sales agent of cirprotec ese lightning arrester.

  • Dimensions 107x174x51 mm
  • IP IP 67
  • Threshold current (10/350) 1kA
  • Max. withstand current (10/350) 100 kA
  • Measuring range 0~9999
  • Operating Temperature -20 C ... +65 C
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