Zero Voltage Meter

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The zero voltage meter type NEQ is a moving iron instrument calibrated to full scale deflection at twice the nominal mains voltage, whereas 2/3 deflection corresponds to nominal mains voltage. Because of the expanded scale graduation within the range 0...0.5 of full scale, the NEQ is highly applicable to supervise the synchronisation of a generator to the busbar. The neutrals of the busbar and the generator are connected together, and the NEQ is then connected to the same phase of the busbar and of the generator respectively. The NEQ thus measures the differential voltage between the two units. Features: - Simple and thoroughly tested synchronisation supervision - Easy-to-read scale - DIN standard sizes: Q72 and Q96 Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Zero Voltage Meter products .

  • Dimention 72x72mm 96x96mm
  • Pointer deflection 90 °
  • Mounting type Flush mounting
  • Accuracy 1.5
  • Measured Quantity Voltage
  • Coil type Moving Iron(AC)
  • Display Type Pointer
  • Measuring range 110/220V AC, 220/440V AC, 400/800V AC
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  • Ordering Code NEQxx No:2918660yyy-01 : xx : size include 72 and 96 yyy: 720 : NEQ72 920 : NEQ96
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