Electronic potentiometer

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    EPQ96-2 No: 2913870010-01

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The EPQ96-2 is an electronic unit to replace normal motor potentiometers. It contains no movable parts and is thus maintenance-free. The EPQ96-2 is CE-marked for residential, commercial and light industry plus industrial environment. The EPQ96-2 converts the relay output from a PI controller to a control voltage/current or PWM signal as input for the electronic speed governor. The EPQ96-2 is equipped with two push-buttons on the front for settings between manual or auto mode. - Automatic control: The speed is controlled by signals fed via relay contacts, e.g. by the DEIF synchroniser type FAS-113DG/115DG or the load sharing units type LSU-112DG/113DG/114DG. - Manual control: The speed is controlled by activating two push-buttons on the front of the unit after the EPQ96-2 is set to manual mode. Inputs : The EPQ96-2 has input for preset, up, down. All inputs can be controlled by 18…32V DC as input. Digital output: The EPQ96-2 has a relay output for indication of auto mode. The relay contact is closed in auto mode, configured ND. Analogue outputs : The EPQ96-2 has one analogue output that can operate in the range -10…0…10 V or -20…0…20 mA; the output impedance is 500 ohm. Besides this, the EPQ96-2 also has a PWM output giving a PWM signal of 0…6 V 500 Hz. This output is controlled in auto/manual mode similar to the analogue output. Features : - Control of electronic speed governors - Setting of integrating time (like variable gearboxes) - Adjustment of output signal - Offset adjustment - Manual/auto mode - Analogue and digital output - Converts a J1939 CAN input to an analogue or a PWM output - Approved by classification societies Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Electronic potentiometer products

  • Voltage Supply 12…24V DC -25%/+30% (9…31.2 V)
  • IP IP52 (panel front) IP20 (panel rear)
  • Response time <0.1 s
  • Output 0…±10V DC 0…±20 mA
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  • PWM output
  • 0…6V DC 500 Hz ±50 Hz
  • Refinery
  • Electronics industry
  • Power industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Marine and shipbuilding industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power Plant industry
  • Panel building companies
  • Instrumentation Companies
  • Education and Laboratory industry
  • Engineering services industry
  • Railway and subway industry
  • Automation industry