AC earth current guard KPM162x

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The digitally controlled KPM162x (1 channel) and KPM362x (3 channels) monitor flow of earth current between a non-grounded (IT) or grounded TN network and its protective earth. Unit can be used for either Restricted or Unrestricted earth fault detection. Special features: -For grounded or non-grounded live networks in land, marine and sub-sea installations -True r.m.s. measurement not affected by heavily distorted Waveforms -Non-resistive earth current offset function -Restricted or Unrestricted earth fault detection -Pathfinder function identifies highest channel -Analogue output proportional to meter reading (F-version) Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) is Exclusive Representative of Megacon , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment, including earth fault monitoring is active .

  • IP IP52 (IP65 optional)
  • Auxiliary voltage supply 100-120V, 200-240, 380-415 or 440-460VAC 40-70Hz (Fuse 0,5A) 24, 48 or 110VDC (Fuse 2A)
  • Dimensions MML1501: 172 x 112 x 35mm MML15010: 172 x 112 x 70mm
  • Input Range Scale range: 0-150mA as standard
  • Voltage of circuit under control 100-240, 380-460 or 600-1000VAC
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  • scale description
  • The ohmmeter and the triple-zone status LEDs give at a glance the clear safetymessage: -ALARM(red zone) -WARNING(yellow zone) -HEALTHY(green zone )
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  • Electronics industry
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  • Petrochemical industry
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