AC earth fault monitoring ISOPAK1

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The purpose of ISOPAK1xx is to selectively detect and address earth faults in live 50 or 60 Hz networks. An intelligent highest up function highlights the highest level of hazard in the system, and only alerts the operator when conditions for an impending danger are present. SOPAK1xx can be configured for operation in FLOATING and GROUNDED single phase, 3-wire and 4 wire three phase AC networks. special features: -24 channel earth leakage monitoring of LIVE AC networks -Tailored to any voltage or current range -Reads each channel’s RMS leakage. ange 100mA to 10A -Set parameters and view on unit screen -Optional supervision module and slave unit -Healthy/Warning/Alarm and Supervision C/O relay outputs -"”Highest up”" 4-20mA signal & RS-485 Modbus RTU outputs Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) is Exclusive Representative of Megacon , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment, including earth fault monitoring is active .

  • Output Analogue Current :4-20mA
  • Auxiliary voltage supply 24-240V universal AC or DC
  • Dimensions ISOPAK100 (standard) L: 157 x H: 95 x D: 78mm ISOPAK100W(optional) L: 157 x H: 95 x D: 78mm ISOVIEW100 (optional) L: 96 x H: 96 x D: 58mm
  • Contact rating AC: 100VA -250V/2A max. DC: 50W –100V/1A max.
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  • Measuring method:RCT Relay time delay:1-30 secs. (individually user setable) Response time:Max 1200mS
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  • Electronics industry
  • Power industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Road Construction industry
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