AC insulation guard with high energy DC protection

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The digitally controlled KPM16xM series monitors insulation level between a non-grounded (IT) AC mains and its protective earth, regardless of whether the mains is live or non-live (standby). The unit is for land, marine, offshore, sub-sea and ocean floor use. An AC or DC auxiliary voltage is required for the unit, if powered from a separate source the network can also be monitored during standby conditions. Only ONE KPM16xM can be connected to each IT-system. Experience has confirmed that full cycle half-wave and partial cycle full-wave rectifier/regulator loads, or a semiconductor failure in heavy power rectifiers/inverters may impose high energy DC voltage on the AC supply line voltages. Intermittent or ENDURING imposed DC voltage is reported to be up to several hundred volts with positive or negative polarity relative to protective earth. Features: -Direct connection up to 500V line voltage, up to 25kV with HV adapter -Protection against harmful DC voltage exposure -Monitoring during both live and standby conditions -For use in land, marine, offshore, sub-sea and ocean floor Installations -Triple-zone insulation monitoring -"Megger" - safe to 1,4kVDC when aux power is OFF -Immune to earth capacitance and voltage surges -Analogue output proportional to meter reading (F-version) Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) is Exclusive Representative of Megacon , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment, including Insulation Monitoring and so is active .

  • Dimention 96x96mm
  • Mounting type Flush mounting
  • IP IP52 (IP65 optional)
  • Measured Quantity Insulation resistance
  • Approximate Weight 0.62kg
  • Voltage Supply 100-120, 200-240, 380-415 or 440-460VAC, 40-70Hz (Fuse 0.5A) 12-24, 48 or 110VDC (Fuse 2A)
  • Contact rating AC: 100VA - 250V/2A max. DC: 50W - 100V/1A max.
  • Output Analogue Output:(F-versions) Up to 20mA, max 500R Up to 10V, min 100kohm
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More Details
  • scale description
  • The ohmmeter and the triple-zone status LEDs give at a glance the clear safetymessage: -ALARM(red zone) -WARNING(yellow zone) -HEALTHY(green zone )
  • High Voltage Adaptors up to 6,6kVAC for KPM16xM series
  • Voltage Adaptors ARx and ANx are used together with Insulation Guard KPM165x when the monitored line voltage is higher than 690VAC. CH163/1,4 up to 1.4kVAC (for KPM163xM series) CH163/5 up to 5kVAC (for KPM163xM series) CH163/3,6 up to 3.6kVAC (for KPM163xM series) AN6,6 up to 6,6kVAC (for KPM163xM series)
  • Caution
  • Terminal 1must be disconnected during ’’megger’’test.
  • Refinery
  • Electronics industry
  • Power industry
  • Marine and shipbuilding industry
  • Road Construction industry
  • Military and defense industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power Plant industry
  • Panel building companies
  • Steel industry
  • Instrumentation Companies
  • Engineering services industry
  • Railway and subway industry
  • Meteorological industry
  • Cathodic protection companies