Insulation monitor

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    ADL-111Q96 x Vdc

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The ADL-111Q96/24VDC, ADL-111Q96/110VDC or ADL-111Q96/220VDC is used for supervision of the insulation resistance between an insulated voltage distribution network (IT network) and earth cable/ safety cable. The instrument is applicable in conjunction with DC networks of 24 Vdc, 110 Vdc or 220 Vdc. The ADL-111Q96/xxVDC can be used for marine installations and other types of insulated voltage networks, e.g. DC manoeuvre voltages of transformer stations. The ADL-111Q96/xxVDC can be used for marine installations and other types of insulated voltage networks, e.g. DC manoeuvre voltages of transformer stations. This type of insulation measurement is only carried out on DC networks where both conductors are isolated from the protective earth/the hull of the ship. The main indicator is the instrument. The actual value of the earth fault will be shown on the front of the instrument as an analogue read-out. In addition to this, the ADL-111Q96/xxVDC is equipped with two LED indicators, one green and one red. When the instrument is connected to auxiliary supply, the green LED marked “SUPERVISION” will be illuminated, indicating that measuring is taking place. When an earth fault below the alarm set point is measured, regardless if it is from the positive or the negative conductor or both, the red LED marked “FAULT” will be constantly illuminated. In the event of a symmetrical earth fault below the alarm set point, the “FAULT” LED will be constantly illuminated. If the voltage exceeds the max. allowable value, e.g. 31.2 V for the 24 V version (printed on the different type labels), the indication on the instrument will be infinite and the green LED starts flashing. The ADL-111Q96/xxVDC measures the insulation on a power system with a total leakage capacitance of max. 1 μF or max. 20 μF. This can be set by means of a switch (S1) located under the rear cover. As default, the instrument will be delivered with the total leakage capacitance set to 1 μF. The ADL-111Q96 is equipped with one change-over relay contact. By means of a built-in switch (S1), located under the rear cover, the relay can be configured to either: - NE (normally energised contact), recommended for alarm purposes or - ND (normally de-energised contact), recommended for control purposes. Warning: If the installation is to be tested by means of a high-voltage"MEGGER", the measuring wire to the ADL-111Q96 at terminal "L-" must be disconnected before testing is carried out.Omitting this may result in damage to the ADL-111Q96. Brief Benefits : - Monitoring of insulation resistance on a DC network - Working voltage 24 V, 110 V or 220 Vdc - Measuring range 50 to 0 kΩ, 250 to 0 kΩ, 500 to 0 kΩ - Adjustable alarm set point - DC auxiliary supply or self-powered - Detects balanced insulation faults Bornika is the exclusive agent of DEIF company in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Insulation Monitor.

  • Dimention 96x96mm
  • Mounting type Flush mounting
  • IP Instrument: IP52/IP54. Electronics: IP20. Terminals: IP20
  • Measured Quantity Insulation resistance
  • Approximate Weight 0.390 kg
  • Nominal Voltage 24 VDC 110 VDC 220 VDC
  • Accuracy Instrument : ±5 % of scale length
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  • Ordering code
  • Ordering code ADL-111Q96 x VDC : x: Auxiliary voltage include numbers : 24 , 110 and 220 VDC
  • Measurement Error
  • ±5 %
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