Finder industrial relay series 55

Finder industrial relay series 55

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Finder industrial relay series 55 with ordering code contain AgNi Contact , for plug-in sockets, with coil voltage 24V DC. this relay contain lockable test button+LED(AC)+mechanicalindicator This relay quite similar in technical specifications with relpol relay with ordering code R2N-2012-23-1024-WTL . Borna niroo karan (Bornika) is the exclusive representative of Relpol company, in purchasing, sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and various auxiliary relays such as miniature industrial relays type .

  • mounting type DIN rail
  • Nominal Current 10A
  • Type of coil voltage DC
  • Operating / release time(typical values) 10 ms
  • Maximum switching voltage 400 V AC
  • Number and type of contacts 2 CO
  • Contact material AgNi
  • Dimensions 27.7x37.2x20.7 mm
  • coil voltage 24V DC
  • switching voltage 250 V AC
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