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The Thunderbolt counter displays the total lightning strikes that hit a lightning rod installation. The lightning strike counter Compt@ir is composed of a 6 digit display. Each lightning strike is recorded when passing by incrementing by one. The regular observation of the display is required for proper monitoring of the installation. The lightning strike counter is essential for the proper maintenance of the Installation Outdoor Protection against Lightning. The NFC standard reference 17-102 imposes "an audit will be performed after each lightning strike". Compt@ir records the positive and negative lightning. It positions and works on all types of conductors (flat, round, braided ...) and for all dimensions thanks to its universal fixings. The lightning counters Compt@ir comply with applicable standards (NFC 17-102, 50164-6 EN). This regular monitoring requires no moving with the option Contact@ir+Rout@ir. This communication system warns in real time during a thunderbolt. Bornika is the exclusive agent of LPS (Lightning Protection System) in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Lightning Protection.

  • Dimensions 1450x550x550mm
  • Approximate Weight 0.285Kg
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  • External protection against lightning must be verified by lightning each year and after each lightning strike to ensure proper operation. NFC 17-102 - September 2011.
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