Enerdis PID Synchro Coupler Synchronoscope

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    PID Synchro Coupler

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    Enerdis PID Synchro Coupler

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The PID Synchro Coupler is an automatic synchronization instrument for generator and LV networks : sets it includes a control relay for assisted time delay control pling with manual coupling or automatic coupling . two control relays (fast/slow) for speed adjustment . an external control loop for opening the coupling relay . four front panel keys for programming , option included(display and messages ) password . the special features of this device are : - two control relays - four front panel keys for programming Bornika is the exclusive agent of Enerdis in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including PID Synchro Coupler Synchronoscope .

  • Voltage Supply 24VDC , 48V DC 110V AC , 230V AC , 400V AC
  • Dimensions 96x96 mm
  • IP IP54(IP65 optional)
  • Measured Quantity phase difference
  • Input voltage range 110-600V
  • Measured Quantity Frequency difference
  • Measured Quantity Voltage difference
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More Details
  • PID Synchro Coupler Synchronoscope
  • Operating temperature : -10 °C to +65 °C Weight : 350 g
  • Power industry