Hall Effect Transducer

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SSET Hall Effect Current analog Transducer type CE-IZ04-52B6 Can be used for measuring DC currents upto 2500A with power supply 12V and output 4~20mA Special Features: -small size -light in weight -less power consumption -window structure -electrically isolating the output of the transducer from the current carrying conductor -no insertion loss Bornika is the exclusive representative of SSET company, in purchasing , sales , consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and Hall Effect sensors is active.

  • Voltage Supply 12V+
  • Input quantity Current
  • Output 4~20mA
  • Input 800~2500A
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Response time 10µs
  • Hole size 103x36mm
  • Isolation voltage 3KV RMS/50Hz
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More Details
  • application
  • Frequency conversion timing equipment, various POWER SOURCE, UPS, electric welding machine, transformer substation, numerical control machine tool, electrolyzing equipment, electroplating equipment, electric powered locomotive, microcomputer monitoring, electric power net monitoring.
  • Notes
  • 1. Connect the terminals of POWER SOURCE, outputs respectively and correctly, never make wrong connection. 2. Two potentiometers can be adjusted, only if necessary, by turning slowly to the required accuracy with a small screwdriver. 3. The best accuracy can be achieved when the window is fully filled with bus-bar (current carrying conductor). 4. The in-phase output can be obtained when the direction of current of current carrying conductor is the same as the direction of arrow marked on the transducer.
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  • Packaging Industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Automotive industry
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