Detuned LV reactors

Detuned LV reactors

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    TKC | TKA

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    TKC1‐12,5‐189/400/440 | TKA1-25/189/400/440

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    ZEZ Silko

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    Czech Republic

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Very frequent use of electronic devices with non-linear waves leads to a distortion ofsinusoidal voltage and current now.Distortion of sinusoidal harmonic waves has resulted in current increase of power capacitors and other parts of the system as well as the possibility of capacitor resonance with other inductive loads (transformer ). As a result of these phenomena it can lead to the destruction of all components used in power factor correction devices.The solution is the use of detuned (protection) reactors forming a series resonant circuit with capacitors (typically 189 Hz) . Reactors connected with capacitors prevents unnecessary resonance and also acts as a broadband filter. Mostly it is appropriate to use the reactors when the voltage distortion THDu is more than 3%. Reactors ZEZ SILKO are manufactured from high grade transformer sheets, aluminum bands and copper wires. Thanks to this feature reactors have a high linearity and low losses. Vacuum impregnation by a special resin provides high voltage stress, minimum noise and long lifetime. Reactors are equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating, winding outlets are terminals (Cu wire) or flat busbars (Al band). Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) has the exclusive representative ZEZ SILKO company in buying, selling, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment of power factor correction equipments like as Detuned LV reactors is active .

  • Frequency range 189Hz ,134Hz
  • Nominal Voltage for network 400V, for capacitor 440V
  • Nominal Inductance 12.5~100Kvar
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  • How to choose
  • If domain of third current harmonic was more than 20% of fifth current harmonic used third harmonic reactors(p=14%,f=134Hz) otherwise used fifth harmonic reactors(p=7%,f=189Hz)
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