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This meters are used to measure as The analysis of energy exchange of high-voltage lines, medium voltage and low voltage applications. EMA-90 features: - included one internal memory (Ram: 128kb) - has red LED display - flush mounting DIN 96x96 mm - Ability to add expansion cards to increase the number of input and output devices or memory Borna niroo karan company (Bornika) is Exclusive Representative of Contrel , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment , including digital multi-function , Multi Meter, Multi Function and Energy Meter EMA-90.

  • Dimention 96x96mm
  • Mounting type Flush mounting
  • IP IP20(Box) IP52(front face only)
  • Measured Quantity 13 parameters
  • Approximate Weight 0.5 kg
  • Power Supply 85 to 265 Volt
  • Interface port RS-232
  • Input Voltage 3 inputs 750V max
  • Input Current 3 isolated inputs (TA) 0,005-5A rms
  • Input frequency range 30-900 Hz
  • Accuracy Voltage and current: ±0.5% Power and Energy: ±1%
  • Interface port RS-485
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More Details
  • Multi Meter, Multi Function and Energy Meter EMA 90 - Contrel
  • Voltage inputs : 3 inputs 750V max Digital Outputs : 1-50V DC | 500mA o 260V AC | 100mA max Analog outputs : 0-20 / 4-20mA fully programmable
  • different types of cards and the duty of each type
  • Expansion card for analysers DIN 96x96 mm can be fitted into instruments in the factory and according to its use, is produced in different models.
  • Plug-in type MEM1
  • For expansion of internal memory of instrument up to 1 Mbyte is used.
  • Plug-in type 1AO(just for EMA90 and 96)
  • In order to have the availability of 1 analog output 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA galvanically isolated, is used.
  • Plug-in type 2DO
  • For adding 2 digital outputs to those 2, already available as standard, for a total amount of 4 digital outputs.
  • Plug-in type 4DI
  • For adding 4 digital inputs, to those already available as standard, for a total amount of 6 digital inputs.
  • Plug-in type S232/485
  • For adding 4 digital inputs to digital inputs already available. totally there are 6 digital inputs.
  • Plug-in type PF/S
  • In order to have the availability of PROFIBUS-DP, protocol port, baud rate max 3 Mbps.
  • Plug-in type ETH
  • In order to have the availability of Ethernet RJ45 port, protocol MODBUS-TCP/HTTP/FTP/SMTP/SNMP.
  • NRG SW software
  • NRG SW software, is a supervision and control software which is used for managing from a PC, of the data generated from the analyser EMA series
  • Refinery
  • Electronics industry
  • Power industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Marine and shipbuilding industry
  • Road Construction industry
  • Food industry
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Military and defense industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power Plant industry
  • Panel building companies
  • Steel industry
  • Instrumentation Companies
  • Textile industry
  • Education and Laboratory industry
  • Publishing and Printing industry
  • Rubber and plastics industry
  • Manufacturing of metal products
  • Machinery and equipment industry
  • Industrial machinery, electrical appliances
  • Manufacturing of radio, television, communication devices and gauging devices
  • Measurement devices, medical and optical industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Materials and pharmaceutical products industry
  • Chemical products industry
  • The computer industry and related activities
  • Engineering services industry
  • Building industry
  • Tile and Ceramic industry
  • Cement, lime and plaster industry
  • Transport, warehousing and communications industry
  • Railway and subway industry
  • Meteorological industry
  • Science and Technology Education
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automation industry
  • Charger, inverter and converters manufacturers
  • Cathodic protection companies
  • Transformer manufacturing companies