Scope Real Time Circuit Breaker Monitor type RTmon CB

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    RTmon CB

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Rtmon from SCOPE is the most powerful Real Time system for continuous monitoring of Circuit Breaker performance in UHV / EHV substations. Performance parameters are stored in the on-board memory of the field unit and are transmitted to data acquisition system in control room through RS485 or RF or fibre optic communication. RTmon CB also generate the alarm after comparison of the captured datawith the set limits. RTmon CB following parameters of circuit breaker: 1) coil current of close, trip 1 ,trip 2 using hall effects CTs 2) fault current and line current using clamp type CTs 3)Auxiliary contact time measurement 4)station DC voltage and continuous voltage as well as during circuit breaker operation 5) SF6 GAS density 6)Air pressure 7) Hydraulic pressure 8) Hydraulic pomp current 9) Ambient temperature Bornika is the exclusive agent of Scope company in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Real Time Circuit Breaker Monitors .

  • contact numbers 6
  • communication thought RS485 RF Fiber optic
  • Contact voltage 15 V ... 300 V dc for wet contacts
  • motor current 25 A
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More Details
  • A Special Data Acquisition is provided along with the RTMON CB which is installed in the control room PC. This system is continuously in communication with all field unit installed in the substation.
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