Scope Contact resistance meter ( CRM Series )

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    CRM 100B+,CRM 100B, CRM 100C, CRM 200B, CRM 200B+

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    CRM 100B+,CRM 100B, CRM 100C, CRM 200B, CRM 200B+

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CRM Series are specially designed to reliably measure micro-ohm contact resistances of circuit breakers,isolators, busbar joints, earth switch joints, welded joints etc. Contact resistance meters are produced in 5 different model by Scope company. Contact resistance measurement is very important for above mentioned equipments which aregenerally carrying large currents. Even small change in contact resistance value can cause heavy power loss and overheating of contacts or components which can lead to premature damage. Hence regular monitoring of contact resistance of such equipment is essential. Special features of CRM Series: 1) Capability of displaying test currents and measure micro-ohm contact resistances 2) inject 10 A, 100 A, OR 200 A currents (the value depends on model of equipment) 3) Capability of connecting to PC Bornika is the exclusive agent of Scope company in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Contact resistance meter.

  • Dimensions 475x405x105 mm
  • Approximate Weight 11 kg
  • Input current 10, 20, 50, 100 A
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