Ponovo MR1200 Waveform Monitoring and Recording System

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The recorder can show and record the voltage, current waveform with full channel, high sampling rate and analysize harmonic component and vector graph .The product aims on data collection and analysis of long-time high sampling rate for substaiton, powerplant no-load , short-circuit chacteristic test , excitation test and etc . electric test and fault recording , real-time and undistorted recording and oscilloscope with fullchannel and high sampling rate in laboratory . Other features of this device are : - 8.4 Inch TFT screen - Based on high precision, high linearity, low temperature - It shows and records DC component current and voltage signal waveform exactly Bornika is the exclusive agent of JUMO in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Waveform Monitoring and Recording System .

  • Mounting type Portable
  • Voltage channels 4x1000V AC/DC
  • Current channels 4x100A AC/DC ( in types of MR1200S , MR1200L ) 8x100A AC/DC ( in type of MR1200M) 3x200A AC/DC ( in type of MR1200D)
  • Sampling rate 100kHz 50kHz (only in type MR1200S)
  • recording capacity 200GB
  • Interface port USB , RJ45
  • Memory for recording 200GB
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More Details
  • Ponovo MR1200 Waveform Monitoring and Recording System
  • Adopting modularization design in channel configuration , the user can choose the accessories and the software identifies automatically. Supports GPS B code to record absolute time .
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