Type 03 Phenol Case

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    Type 03

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    03P, 03E

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Automatic Reset thermo switch types 03E and 03P are with 1/2 inch disc and Phenol Case. Applications of thermostat type 03P, 03E in car radiators and electric trains, applications type 03P in heater fan, electric kettle,microwave, dishwasher, CCTV and so. Special features: -SPST automatic reset -In accordance with the standards of UL, CSA, VDE, DIN -Contact open/close on temperature rise -Calibration method hot & cold air circulation system -silver-nickel alloy contacts Bornika is the exclusive agent of NGT in the fields of consulation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Automatic Reset Thermo Switch is active.

  • Dimensions 1/2"
  • Nominal Voltage 03PN, 03EN: 125VAC/15A, 250VAC/10A
  • Operating Temperature 0℃~ 150℃
  • Temperature Tolerance ±3~10℃ ※Depend on Operation Temp
  • Reset Type Automatic
  • Insulation resistance Not less than 1,000MΩ/DC500V
  • Resistance between Terminals 03PP・03EP :Less than 10mΩ(Initial value) 03PN・03EN・03PC :Less than 30mΩ (Initial value)
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Download catalog file: NGT thermo switchs catalog 1496 KB

Download catalog file: Automatic Reset Type 03EN & 03EP data sheet 164 KB

Download catalog file: Thermostat Part Number Key Variation Chart 149 KB

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