Vector Group Test of Transformer

In three phase transformer, it is essential to carry out a vector group test of transformer. Proper vector grouping in a transformer is an essential criteria for parallel operation of transformers. There are several internal connection of three phase transformer are available in market. These several connections gives various magnitudes and phase of the secondary voltage; the magnitude can be adjusted for parallel operation by suitable choice of turn ratio, but the phase divergence can not be compensated. So we have to choose those transformer for parallel operation whose phase sequence and phase divergence are same. All the transformers with same vector group have same phase sequence and phase divergence between primary and secondary. So before procuring one electrical power transformer, one should ensure the vector group of the transformer, whether it will be matched with his or her existing system or not.

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Types of Transformer Testing

For confirming the specifications and performances of an electrical power transformer it has to go through numbers of testing procedures. Transformer is one of the important equipment in power system. So, testing the transformer is pretty serious issue.In this paper, the different types of transformer testing are mentioned.

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What is transformer

Transformer means that electrical energy by two or more coils and electrical inductance of a circuit to another circuit via transfers. This means that the current flow in the circuit (the primary) creates magnetic Ykmydan around the first coil, the magnetic field in turn creates a voltage in the secondary circuit is adding a second circuit this voltage can lead to a secondary flow.

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Autotransformer (sometimes called "Atvfvrmr" called) so that only one coil is an electrical transformer. Autotransformer coil tap at least three points for the electrical connection that they say. Input voltage and electrical load connected to two taps and a tap at the end of the coil is common. Each pulse may be associated with different voltage sources and load.

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Varyak Although widely used in industry but are not well known and understood. Varyak an efficient and painless autotransformer for voltage control and other matters related to the alternating voltage output such as temperature, light intensity, speed motor and variable output power supplies.

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