earthing in pool

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NEC standard

For the first time in the 1962 edition of the National Electrical Code standard and connected to the earth system is explained in the pool. According to this version, all metal objects such as steel rebar in concrete (auxiliary), metal ducts, plumbing, foundation, pool, exterior lights, ladders, diving boards, etc. are connected with each other and the Earth system. So for this connective minimum 14 AWG wire size is considered. In 1965, with incremental changes 8AWG connective wire size is considered. Also in 1968, was due any metal object in the privacy of one and a half meters from the pool with this system has the potential to be.Standard NEC 2011 and the final version (2014) requirements referred very close to the principles contained in the 1962-1968 version, which we hope Tvnyr engineering company bliss collaborate on projects and have provided these details.

Pool equipment, which must be ground

NEC680.6 must use equipment that is based on standard coated wires connected to the ground are as follows: 1. Underwater lighting installations, except those operating voltage of 15 volts and low voltage systems is less.2. Electrical equipment installed at a distance of 1.5 meters or 5 feet from the chamber inside the bowl pool or water holding tanks 3. Water and electrical equipment associated with them 4-packaging division 5-chamber Transformers for underwater lighting installations with a voltage of 12 V 6. Connect ground fault relays 7-switchboard that a subset of the main electrical panel building and used to power electrical equipment pool.

Groups connected Pools

Groups connected Pools Metal lamps electric wires, cables coated with metal, metal pipes, metal protective fences and railings and other metal components In the case of the fixed components mentioned are separated by a barrier Pool permanent structures, they need to be connected. This means that those metal equipment inside the building, room, parking or other confined spaces such as these are, even if the distance is less than 1.5 m from the wall of the bowl pool, you do not have to be connected.

Connective structural metal components Pool

Connective structural metal components Pool Metal -Ajzay swimming pools including steel reinforcement in concrete pools are used-Pvsth Metal pools that are connected to each other by screws or welding. -Nrdban Metal bearings diving platforms, Kfshvrha and drain lines, water pipes and other fittings and metal components into and out of the pool must be connected with each other. -Hmbnd A small metal components separately and need not have.

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