Analog multimeter

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what is Analog multimeter

Analog or analog multimeters are usually graded a number of lines, a hand that can move the dial lines, a selector, a number of terminals, the potentiometer adjustment of zero and two-wire interface is formed. (Here we do not have nothing to do with the internal structure and purpose analog multimeters familiar with this type multimeter just is and how to use it). An example of this type of meter is shown in Figure Zyrnmaysh.

how to use Analog multimeter

How to work and how to measure the resistance in ohms analog Ahmtr: Ahmtr selector key first left onto R * 1 and two together Ahmtr jack connection, we should move counterclockwise and zero otherwise Baystd.dr Ahmtr zero adjustment screw to adjust. If not set, AA batteries 1. 5 V inside Ahmtr weak. (9V battery is a book related to the R * 10K.) Or Ahmtr is broken then two Ahmtr jack on both ends of the resistance Znym.albth Note that both hands are not in contact Ahmtr jacks. If the needle does not move key on R * 10 or R * 100 or R * 1k put.For example, if the key is the R * 100 scaled on-line and dial the number 50 stood to say the resistance is (100 * 50 = 5000) at 5000 ohms. If we switch to the R * 1K stand on the fifth hand that still resistance value is equal to: 5 * 1K = 5K Be careful every time you switch on or R * 10 R * 1 or ... put should be set to zero again.

How to work the AC: For measuring voltage AC (such as power) selector switch (selector) must be placed in the AC-V. (Positive and negative poles no AC power connectors from both sides say it does not matter.)If you put 10 keys on the voltage on the line graded from zero to 10 should read, if we switch to 50 degrees, the voltage on the line graded from zero to 50 should read and if the selector switch on the 250and if the key to put the first voltage value on line 0 to 10 and divided by 10, we read.

How to work part-voltage DC: For measuring voltage DC (such as batteries or power adapter) selector switch on the DC-V with DC Dad.brq the poles + and - and have black jack and jack Red negative into a positive, otherwise we hand in the opposite direction. to read DC voltage, AC voltage operation like that is, if the key is a 10-line voltage is scaled from zero to 10 and 50 if the line is scaled from zero to 50 250 if the line graded from zero to 250 is called.Must be multi-meter to measure DC current of the DC-mA switch is placed in series in circuit lines are graded on the same amount of current between 0 to 10 or 0 to 50 or 0 to 250 to be read. Red push-button on some Ahmtrha for Ahmtr battery test, if we push the needle has moved half healthy battery also Ahmtr if the two ends together and we turn the adjustment screw Ahmtr not zero or the battery is weak or Ahmtr Is broken. In some Ahmtrha dual-mode keys (+ -) for Vltazhgyry is that if at the time the needle is moving in the opposite direction instead of switching jacks again put the switch to read voltage. For measuring the battery voltage and key selector in the voltages on the 10 is so much on the line graded from zero to 10 should be read in which case we can see the needle between 4 and 6 is located approximately V 4.5 V to show it's also shown in the following figure through Vltazhgyry power.