Principles of Performance active lightning arrester (ESE)

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How it works

Cloudy and turbulent air, the electric field is produced in the space that the value of 10kv / meter start and with the passage of time more and more, when the electrical field strength at 50kv / meter reach, the failure of the insulation between the cloud and the earth. or between two clouds pregnant has come as a result of the discharge of lightning is occurring. Block their electrical equipment (Energy Block) from the tentacles of the outer and middle bar connected to the land charge and the energy in the air was as described, continuously absorbed and accumulated together shortly before the outbreak of lightning, electric blockcreate.

what is active lightning arrester

Active or Active Early Streamer Emission lightning that are known or ESE ascending channel created artificially, resulting in faster performance and increase the protective radius.

The Lightning active (ESE) with a known T and this factor is the most important factor in the performance of a lightning ionizing air. T when the lightning rod than a simple (high pressure in the laboratory) to ground lightning discharge, and units of microseconds. Based on a series of standard NFC 17-102 High Voltage laboratory test to calculate the discharge time compared to a simple rod for lightning ionizing performed and the results of its Gdd T value is calculated.Lightning protection radius (Rp) based on the height of the lightning protection of structures, the efficiency of the fire and the choice depends on the security level. Standard NFC 17-102 2011, two computational formula to measure provides protection radius. The height greater than 5 m:

Where Rp protective radius in meters, h H height of the tip of the lightning protection level in meters, r parameter related to protection class and is as follows: 20 m for protection class I30 m for protection class II   45 m for protection class III 60 m for protection class IV And to a height of 2 to 5 m:

Where Δ, the distance in time ΔT, during the upward leader is called. These are based on a formula Δ (m) = V (m / μs) × ΔT (μs) is calculated. Where V is the speed of lightning and ionization channel, the equivalent of 1 m / μs can be considered.

Controlled release of ions

Igniter unit (TRIGGERING) electronic meters lightning create conditions so that the ion Faithful (corona) around the rod tip is provided. The unit must be carefully controlled so that ion release just a few microseconds before the occurrence and for the lightning discharge. Corona effect and igniter unit: the presence of large volumes of electric charges around sharp lightning rod unit after ignition ionization causes the natural phenomenon of accumulation of electronic charge around the bar (Corona effect) to strengthen and intensify.


French IPS company based on the latest science in the field of lightning, electromagnetic science, science super-high pressure, fluid mechanics, etc., Lightning Activity Pre-Active (ESE) brand has designed Paraton @ ir. Rising from the earth by the lightning currents, and ionization it without any source of energy, is multiplied. Due to simplicity of design and performance, quality of construction and installation, it can be lifelong after-sale services for equipment provided they meet the conditions provided by the company. The main part of an alloy of aluminum and polymer standard lightning NFC17-102, BS EN50164-2 produced. The system does not have any fragile sector, the safest and most effective for the market.