The introduction of electromagnetic

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The introduction of electromagnetic

Man-made electromagnetic wave propagation naturally exist in the environment. Man-made sources include radio transmitters, radars, electrical switches, brushless electric motors is electromagnetic Vtslyhat. Natural sources of electromagnetic fields caused by lightning, explosion of cosmic rays is the Sun's surface. All of these resources are threatened when the electromagnetic wave to the electric and magnetic fields above the threshold to cause electrical electronic equipment. The risks affecting the equipment is effective in the frequency domain. The frequency domain considerations such as the ability to release in the atmosphere, caused by high power equipment is Valqa’pzyry. Since most Vvsy strongest pulse frequency spectrum resources, the electromagnetic weapons, nuclear explosions, so this issue will be discussed in the two cases. Thus we can say that other natural hazards or man-made according to the following frequencies covered Shvnd.mtabq

The threat of natural origin and its effects

Lightning is one of the most mysterious phenomena of creation that, while beautiful, are very destructive in the history of human life, causing financial losses and human services. Electrostatic discharge between cloud and ground lightning occurs. Cumulonimbus clouds of up to 61 km in height and several kilometers wide are occasional, processing water particles and negatively charged particles are positively charged ice in layers so that a generally negative charge and positive charge are concentrated in the upper clouds. The positive charges in the shadow of the Earth's surface are complex cloud. As soon as the electric fields Open and aggravated, more areas on land height, shape of the building, the specific environment of electrical (corona) are converted. Corona air ionization thus breaking the insulating properties that are purple halo appears around the conductor Be. By increasing the electrical potential of the cloud to the ground, a forward current of electrons moving down the ladder and the primary channel lightning forms. The air surrounding the channel (downward leader) from the cloud to the ground is completely ionized. The staircase, which at times its length to 54 meters, many times carrying on the cusp of the increase in atmospheric electric field strength and insulation resistance failure of air. TheThe speed of the approach channel to the ground more than 944 kilometers per second. At this time, by increasing the electric field intensity at ground level, a current channel scaler (upward leader) of land Goes towards the cloud. Then hit the two arrows on each other, the channel is closed, the main header (return stroke) to neutralize the cloud and ground loads occur, and a large current in a short time in the Channel is established. After a lightning strike to the land or building, electronic devices inside the buildings within a radius of 6.5 to 2 km from the impact site and within the electromagnetic field generated are exposed Will be safe. Effective safety device against inductive voltage generated when it is possible that all safety systems are installed both indoor and outdoor safety. Cosmic radiation from the sun and other heavenly bodies are electromagnetic risks in terms of frequency in the frequency range 24 MHz to range above 64 GHz Balahdvd and they could be weak against lightning .According to be weak, This type of risk is comparable to the threat of lightning is not a very big and receiver antennas may be useful to create disturbances.

Threat-based system or vehicle

Switching current switch and relay circuits can be directed or radiation noise on the cables and cords to use. Kablyng noise from the switching system impairs systems are electronic parts. Variable flow on the cable creates a magnetic field and form radiation (induced) impacts. Radiation from two modes of electric AC and DC power cable that three forms of radiation, radiation from the brush and collector and electro, electro done and radiation leakage fields.

New risks electromagnetic or electromagnetic weapons

Electromagnetic pulses such weapons from nuclear explosions or electromagnetic weapon or tool of this type that can cause electromagnetic pulse amplitude in the short term, by definition, be, could be. Electromagnetic bombs) E- BOMB (a controlled source electromagnetic pulse that is due to the simplicity and low cost production technology and making use of fear among all of them there. The low price and easy in the manufacture of , and even criminals and terrorists against the harmful effects within countries is interested in using them. Development and strengthening of this kind of weapons, weapons-producing resources or microwave signals to high power (HPM s) that have high frequency (above one GHz) due to the limitations of microwave lamp manufacturer as resources they have are relatively low bandwidth. Strong and advanced type of this type of pulses, pulses of nuclear explosions (NEMP: Nuclear EMP) is. Wave height above the ground can be caused by a nuclear explosion in a wave of electromagnetic Jedidah page with the release of his sight. Effective type of electromagnetic pulse, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP: High Altitude EMP), which originated from a nuclear explosion occurred at an altitude of a few dozen to a few hundred kilometers from Earth is. These pulses cause molecules of atmospheric reactions Gamaba ray Compton electrons are generated and causes.Today, these countries are strategic weapons, weapon components and also no international convention or law to reduce or stop their production or operation of the international community and international levels There. These weapons can be easily mounted on a small scale by hand or on the warhead missiles, aircraft or UAV nose is usable and exploitable.

Electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic weapons are produced in the form below: 1 as missile, bomb, missile Vrakt done in time of war(2) for fixed stations Vmthrk used in sabotage operations The multi-hundred kilogram Hz to 65 GHz frequency range weapons capable of producing pulses with a field strength of about several tens kV Brmtr based gang have capacities of several gigawatts in the microwave band. Cases of disturbances and causing irreparable damage in the E-BOMB blast in a metropolis or region 1. The fluorescent lights and televisions are turned off to start shining in their environment. 2. melt wires and phone lines with melting plastic smell a burning odor. 3. internal combustion piston engines are impaired and the synchronization and coordination with each other there. 4. The electronic systems are impaired and damage and the nature of information processing and storage systems, followed by military, industrial, and communications systems are impaired. 5. Vashkarsaz·hay sensors, radio, microwave and optical impairment and permanent injury.

In the following example electromagnetic weapons for sabotage operations to the mobile station can see

Nuclear explosion

Nuclear electromagnetic pulse height of the explosion and the impact can be divided into different types. The most important type of destructive power electronic devices extent of the influence of the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion is high. This phenomenon is the result of an atomic explosion at an altitude of 94 miles above the Earth's surface that followed the explosion, several kHz to 644 MHz frequency electromagnetic pulse is created. Intensity electric field of about several tens of kilometers radius till Brmtr kV and more, can be destructive impact