Electromagnetic threats

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Risks of electromagnetic permanent existence in the space around us, such as natural hazards like lightning and risks such as radar systems, diesel generators, welding machines, adverse events in electricity networks, wireless or any other radiation can be more than before electromagnetic realized the importance of comprehensive security.telecommunications and electronic equipment against electromagnetic threats have trouble completely destroyed. New electromagnetic risks, which could be named electromagnetic weapons on all equipment, systems, equipment and weapons to a range of electrical and electronic and or Areas with sensitive electrical current), for example, condiments (there are severe damaging effects. Valqayy navigation hazards such as flow resulting from lightning, power generators, signal communication systemsWhat is annoying as every signal in existence around us are permanent and according to studies conducted in Germany, injuries and damage caused by this type of non-nuclear electromagnetic risks other than the risks of damages origin Electromagnetism is

Natural hazards and risks of unintended usually narrower spectrum of electromagnetic spectrum and thus immune to the dangers of electromagnetic origin of electromagnetic weapons, immunity also covers other issues.

Risks of electromagnetic

Risks are electromagnetic waves that are harmful electromagnetic pulse and has a lot of energy there. Electromagnetic field of these waves can be higher for instantaneous voltage and current on all available media errors, Nzyrsym and electrical appliances and electronic circuits induce. These pulses cause burning or disrupt, active non enable a semiconductor circuit or a large number of them are in wide range as to Electronic systems are relational disorder. In short electromagnetic risks are discussed below.

Natural Resources: 1. lightning 2. Cosmic radiationOf the system or device: 1-Switching 2-engines (3) welding machines 4-short 5-generators 6-radar and any electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic weapons: (1) nuclear explosions (surface, sub-surface, high altitude) 2-bomb explosion electromagnetic (3) of electrical power electromagnetic weapons

Safety strategies

Safety strategy, to determine the defined scope of an organization's performance on defense policy, managerial and technical aspects of the organization in response to the electromagnetic risks. This strategy can be developed for an organization based on the following: 1. keep the entire production process and implementation of key activities with minimal equipment vulnerability.2. Only the continuation of production and activities. 3. Maintain support equipment associated with the main activity organization.