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what is Thermostat

Electrical automatic control thermostat to adjust the temperature in the confined space, usually attached to the device for their hot or cold; To the switching device, the space is maintained at the set temperature. When the temperature reaches the set point, the thermostat device to cut the electric circuit when the set point temperature for 3 to 5 degrees lower than expected, and the device is connected the circuit again.The thermostat may be made in different ways and may use a variety of sensors to measure temperature.

Application thermostat

Generally thermostat to adjust the temperature of liquids, gases and solids in warm or refrigerant systems used in different parts of the following:   Industrial ranging from greenhouses, warm house, furnaces, boilers and autoclavesBuilding in-house facilities such as central heating and air temperature control systems, chillers and fan coils   Household appliances: a washing machine, dishwasher, toaster and electric samovars, electric ovens, electric water heater and gas

type of Thermostat

Thermostats for installation, operation type, season, year, type of sensor, working range, number of steps and the heat can be divided into several types. From Nzrmhl installation room types, channels, submerged and parietal divided. The type of operation is divided into a variety of start-stop and gradual. The Heat are divided into a variety of heating and cooling. The range: below zero and above zero divided. The number of procedures: the one-stop, two-step and the step (step control) are divided. The type of sensor to the bimetal, bellows, the rheostat is divided and diaphragm. For the season: three kinds of summer, winter and fall season.

Electromechanical thermostat

This type of thermostat using thermal sensor command by a series of micro mechanical interfaces, electrical circuit is off due to a long life is a product of this type of technology. Electromechanical thermostat with temperature sensor is of two types. It works on the principle of expansion of a liquid. The heating system that diastat called and known by the name of capillary thermostat, the sensor or sensors, capillary tube and diaphragm. When the temperature sensor liquid rises through capillary tubes into the aperture and the creation of business expansion (Working distention) (ies). The expansion of the duty by the spring (Snap action) that can be used to open or close the circuit. And the other by metal expansion, which is called Baymtal thermostat directly to the expansion of the metal, the key spring action.

Electronic Thermostat

This type of thermostat temperature by the command received from the sensor is transmitted Electronic to a miniature relay, causing electrical current is off.

The advantage of using thermostats

Uniform heating and cooling control, automatic The WallReducing energy consumption

Thermostat connection

Thermostats terminals in different colors or with initials in accordance with the standard shown in red Shvd.rng or 'R' represents the terminal power (24 V), white or the letter W represents the connection to the heating, yellow or Y represents the connection to cooling equipment, green or G represents a connection to fans, black or C represents the connection to be shared