1-What Thermo Switch

Thermo switch (Thermo Switch) or thermal switch mechanisms used to measure the temperature Bashd.mlkrd Trmvsvyych on temperature changes in a closed environment variable or outdoor. After automatic electronic controller to adjust the indoor temperature is usually hot or cold for it to connect devices to the switching device is set to hold Drdmay space. Trmvsvyych based on defined temperature can be opened and closed. Some of them are mechanical and some electrical. The device is designed so that when the temperature is higher than a certain temperature the device off and when you turn the device to be lower than a certain amount. Trmvsvyych piece of a control system that senses the temperature of the system is as close to set point. Trmvsvyych can set the system to control the amount of heat or cold.Trmvsvyych of different types and with different temperature sensors built. In result, these sensors can control the heat or cold. Trmvsvyych temperature set point and keeps on hitting and prevent damage to electrical appliances. Some types of Trmvsvyych have two metal strips which are connected to each other from behind. Since different metals and alloys to varying degrees during the cold and heat shrink and expand. The expansion of the metal tape other tape in the shape of the curve. Deformation of the metal strip can be used to complete the circuit, sending electrical signals and perform a range of tasks designed or have a mechanical effect and may be open or closed circuit.

2-type of thermal switch

1. Thermal switches with manual drive 2-Thermo particular type switch3-Trmvsvyych auto-boot 4-Trmvsvyych waterproof and water spray 5-Trmvsvyych type thin

2-1-Thermal switches with manual drive

Setting up this type of sensor manually. The operator can vary depending on the environmental conditions where the sensor is started, it activates.

2-2-Thermo Switch specific type

This type of sensor used for certain activities under certain conditions. Some devices are listed in the catalog that would be launched by Trmvsvyych specific type.

2-3- Thermo Switch auto-boot

This type of sensor circuit soon as the sensor is located, began to operate.

2-4-Thermo Switch waterproof and anti-splash

In some devices to prevent damage to them at high temperature, water flow device are available at the circulating water may damage the sensors in the environment of Zdpashsh Trmvsvyych of water used. Also in the environment such as water temperature sensor to be used, must be waterproof Trmvsvyych.

2-5-Thermo Switch thin type

Due to the small number of circuits to be thin type of thermo switches used to reduce circuit size.

3-Thermo Switch variety in terms of shape

Thermo switch and thermo pot wired switches: Thermo switch pot: tolerable from 30 ° C to 250 ° C. Gender is used in this type Trmvsvyych phenolic Fenolic to 150 ° C at temperatures above 200 degrees Sramky been made. Trmvsvyych of 30+ degree temperatures up to 250 ° C and open normally closed (NC) is.More on Devices heater, heaters, boilers, heaters and fireplaces devices and packages are used.

Thermo switch wired often both metal and plastic with two-wire output in Santhay 7, 17 and 12 are available are often used in electric motors.

Price of thermo switchs

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