What is the Stabilizer

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What is voltage stabilizer or stabilizers

Studies show that the most important failure of electric appliances, noise, vibrations and fast switching, high and low voltage power and other problems that damage caused by the factors mentioned mainly in the sensitive and expensive price devices such as motors, compressors, washing, domestic, equipment CNC, machines, PLC, printing and cutting machines, medical machines, looms and so on used. Standard Blayzr, voltage stabilization system in the event of loss, swing or any interference in its network to quickly detect and automatically track meet. No noise performance of the device and the technology (Servo. SYS) benefit.Stabilizers to prevent sudden swing and jump to AC power (V220) and three-phase power to protect all the electrical appliances and equipment is used to measure the input voltage stabilizers with a microprocessor-based system and with a view to reducing or Increase in input voltage is detected and the output voltage V220 or 380V constant precision of 1% and for linear and continuous de Rkhrvjy offers and also having a core ring of copper and brush coal by turning on the core ring offers a fixed output. This voltage correction method did not produce any interference with harmonic waves on power supply input Ndard.hrkt coal servo arm very fast and precise control of voltage over shoot to eliminate or greatly reduces the moment Control mechanisms in these devices is the digital type. High power, efficiency, accuracy and quality control. The output voltage of the important features of these devices. The cost of damage and adverse device performance is often far more than the cost of prevention (use of stabilizer) is. Control mechanism on this device is a digital high power, efficiency, accuracy and quality control. Record the output voltage and the linear part of the important characteristics of these devices. SVC series voltage stabilizer in every phase has a Dc Servo Motor Electric motors are variable on the Variable Transformer Or Variac transformer is assembled. By increasing or decreasing the number of turns of the coil by the induction of trans servo arm motion, and thus increase or decrease .sym voltage transformer primary winding of dead books (buck / boost) predicted by Varyabl be fed and secondary windings

Automatic stabilization of output voltage transformer

Trans automatic electrical energy in an alternating current system, of a circuit to another circuit and low voltage to high voltage and vice versa can convert, so that electrical energy by two or more winding and through electric induction from one circuit to another circuit transfer. Automatic transformer primary current flow in the circuit creates a magnetic field around the primary coil, the magnetic field in turn creates a voltage in the secondary circuit is adding a second circuit can cause voltage a secondary current in the lead. The automatic transformer electrical energy remains the same and does not change its frequency and voltage and current values ​​in primary and secondary just different.

Benefits Stabilizers

• consolidation of power: power voltage fluctuations, so the use of Stabilizers can be stabilized significantly increase the lifetime and efficiency of consumer devices. • Protection against short circuits: If for any reason a short circuit at the output or internal circuitry of the device for automatic stabilizers to happen immediately by the embedded microcontroller output cut and prevent any disadvantage to the consumer.increases and eventually consume much electricity, following the expert's theory that, in some cases, increasing power consumption up to 25% is

Protection against lightning and voltage (High Voltage) and volatility of the moment and spike

After inserting a stabilizer in the power input to the calculation of the internal wiring can all electrical appliances and complete protection against power disturbances Shhrbtvr charges. The presence of stabilizers, especially in areas with lower electricity costs were calculated to be up to 25% decrease in electricity bills.

Types of stabilizer

Stabilizers or the transformer power protection can be divided into two categories: The first relay stabilizers (stabilizers step - Stabilizers of power and electronic equipment), the manner of operation of this type of stabilizer is 10V voltage regulation accuracy. Which begins with the AVR series and includes Mprhay 2 to 32 amp household and industrial models from 9 to 20 amp.Second hand stabilizers Stabilizers SERVOE this type having a ring and a range of microprocessor and system voltage is 1V carefully STB-11 in the series single-phase and three-phase models are offered with a series of STB-33. This type of stabilizer in a wide range from 6A to 80A single-phase and three-phase models from 9A to 600A offered. (Based on a SERVOE stepping motor based on the voltage output of a voltage regulator. In fact Varyak positioned to sample the voltage level mechanically controls the output voltage. SERVOE engine for a base the PWM pulse, and the basis for nutrition)

Stabilizer device applications

-Use Domestic (residential and office apartments individually or the entire apartment to protect computers, refrigerators, televisions, Mkrvfr, conditioning ...) -Mhyt Hospital (operating room. CT, MRI, ultrasound, dental units, ...)-Mhyt Industrial (machine CNC, spectrometer, printing, packaging, ...) -Use Public (water pumps, elevators, halls and theaters, ...) -Aystgahhay Telecommunications, radio, television, video recorder, etc.

Stabilizers devices features

Microprocessor control each phase individually by three servo motors - The amendment of minimum 277 and maximum 430-volt high Vltazhbsyar- The output voltage is linear and continuous without any jump and swing 380 V to 220 V three-phase models for single-phase models - Use filters to avoid noise distortion in the output voltage of the moment - Have an alarm system to warn of overload for the consumer - A cutout device for taking over the 2.8 system rated power - If the device has short circuit cutoff system - A system for Under and Over-voltage cutout device too - A system outage of one phase phase failure) - A cutout device system for high temperature (over temperature) - A key way to by pass for entry and exit in an emergency - Quietly working on the device for a calm environment - The minimal energy losses and efficiency 98% - Very low load currents below 0.5 mA - Modify the output voltage of less than 1 second for 20 ± Volts per phase - The sine wave output voltage - The top 5 kV insulation testers - Proper humidity levels between 90-40% of devices - Can be used in all environments (indoor and outdoor) - Has an electrical circuit with feedback control circuit - A digital display to show input and output voltage and current consumption of each phase separately - Adjustable output voltage between 400-360 volts if desired - Lack unaffected by the coefficient Ionistors - Automatic cooling system - Working temperatures from -60 to 20 ° C and very low thermal coefficient of 1% ± 40 ° C ambient temperature change output - Compliant with power Iran - With smart technology for all models including single-phase models - With wheels for easy movement and displacement