Capacitor contactors

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what is Capacitor contactors

When connecting or disconnecting the capacitor, the network of high instantaneous current drawn and the sparks on contact with conventional contactors and damage them. At the top of the auxiliary contacts of the capacitor contactors with spring-like coated wires connected to restrict the flow of time there. Auxiliary contact means that much of the responsibility they bear the principal place of contact, connected in the moment. And after passing the inrush current, auxiliary contacts are switched off and the main contact of the circuit. The limited contact with the same flow resistance caused by the capacitors are charging. If this is not the first charging capacitor directly into the circuit and the current flowing through it. In fact, a suspect enters the capacitor which the reduction of the capacitor is longevity. Given this initial charging capacitor initial readiness to work under the name finds. Obviously, changing the balance of the contacts, replace contactor is easier and more affordable. The contactors for capacitors connected to the network that is called capacitive contactor.

Benefits capacitor contactors

Use the capacitor contactors in the case of capacitive load that has many advantages including: 1- reduce the cost to replace conventional contactors2. long-lived 3. losses in Contact 4. The absence of dangerous voltage 5-requires less maintenance, thus reducing the stopping capacitor bank