PFC Controller

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PFC Controller

The power factor regulator with microprocessor digital form all do. Accurate and reliable power factor readings unaffected by errors of semiconductor components that create a harmonic important role in the calculation of the performance of regulators and switching capacitive stairs. In case of equal number of steps, the number of switching capacitor is reduced and they are not homogeneous. Regulators in the event of any error or abnormal condition with appropriate warning, the operator informs.The use of automatic capacitor banks is that regulators and in step 4, 6, 8 and 12 are available.

sample regulators

Regulators PFR 06 / PFR 12 new generation of power factor correction regulators. These regulators with high-tech and easy to use with careful reviews of the system and without wasting time attempting to connect or disconnect power capacitor steps with the goal the current to the coefficient of the power factor be objective Knnd.lazm noted that PFR06 model has a 6 step capacitor and the capacitor is PFR12 has 12 steps. . So the measurement and precise control even if the current waveform distortion and contamination with higher-order harmonics done easily.


benefits: 1-measure THD2. Alarm output 3-system FCP (planning to make quick decisions), which makes the number of switching are minimized 4-All measurements are shown on a screen 5. Step connected display 6-configurable parameters in working condition (Run Time) 7. The four-quadrant power factor correction

Working principles Regulator

Suppose you want to manually and by measuring active and reactive power, power factor correction capacitor, we also assume that 5 we have the capacity q Kylvvary well as trend-setting as follows: Step 1) measurement of active and reactive powerStep 2) calculated by using Azrabth Step 3) calculates the necessary reactive power to achieve the desired power factor Step 4) Q injected reactive circuit Kylvvar After calculating the value of Q injection if the value is between steps of the built-in capacitor banks reactor rounded to the nearest amount of stairs and the stairs of the capacitive circuit. Because of the necessary reactive rounded to multiples Azkvchktryn stairs whatever the number is smaller less errors: the first small steps lead to the depreciation of equipment, increasing the number of switches are electromechanical and electromagnetic interference can cause severe shock Vtnshhay.

The proper functioning of the regulator

Power factor regulators, capacitor banks, auto focus and decision-making is concentrated in the brain. The success of a regulator in power factor correction depends on the 6 main factor. 1 hardware design detailed2. The use of high quality components 3. The appropriate application with the correct control algorithm 4. The use of voltage and current samples 5. The proper installation 6. Settings Field The first three factors to the manufacturer regulator and the next factors when installation should be considered.