Power factor correction capacitors

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Power factor correction capacitors

The power factor correction capacitors that are used in two types of fixed capacitors and capacitor dry oil (gas) are made.

Oil Capacitors

Article saturation in this type capacitors of synthetic oil and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and burning it produces carbon dioxide and water which are harmless materials Bashnd.vly obliterate them should be done with environmental considerations.

Dry capacitors or gas capacitors

The capacitors used for power factor correction and they are MKP technology which consists of a layer of polypropylene (PP) and metalized with a minimum dissipation factor Bashd.tmas by winding through the spraying is done on the system this self-healing type capacitor dielectric without impregnation liquid. In the MKV capacitors electrodes made of metalized paper and propylene foil acts as the dielectric insulation is Knd.systm by nitrogen gas N2

Features Oil Capacitors

Oil Capacitors: 1- long life2-large volume 3-weight 4. explode 5-handle high arc current and fleeting 6-Prices More 7-flammability

Features dry capacitors (gas)

Capacitors dry (Gas): 1-lightweight2-small 3-Convenient installation and easy 4- less 5-The low internal losses 6-flammable 7- The non-explosive 8-A good heat exchange because aluminum body

drying cylinder Capacitors

The capacitors for reactive power compensation and increase the power factor (power factor) are used in low voltage distribution network. Technically these capacitors in accordance with international standard IEC 60831, 1 & 2 and the aluminum body and a cylindrical shape are produced.The use of automatic capacitor banks or fixed installation on electric motors, transformers, pumps, wells, agricultural, industrial centers and so the method is group or individual. This type of single-phase and three-phase capacitor voltage and power supply are different.