Metallized Film

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Metallized polypropylene film capacitor

Metalized film capacitors for AC production of polypropylene dielectric used as a side they covered with zinc and aluminum. According to the working voltage capacitors film thickness of 4 to 12 micrometers, which are produced in different widths on plastic pulleys.The most important feature of this type of film capacitors that are produced, self-regenerative properties (Self-healing), and compared to non-self-healing capacitors dimensions and less weight.

Metallized Film

Film capacitors are used in the new generation of polypropylene, which is lined on one side of the metal in a vacuum. Of metallic zinc (approximately 95%) and aluminum nearly 5% are. Zinc will remain constant over time capacitor capacity and profile of aluminum metal from oxidation of the metal surface to prevent. Bimetallic combinations result in stable electrical properties and chemical capacitor is approximate. More metal is plated on a film edge and the other edge is not plated metal. Free metal without metal edges (Free Margeen) and reinforced edge thick edge (Heave Edge) is called.For the production of capacitors, two layers on each other and are wrapped around a shaft. Plastic film as an insulator and metal-plated surface is used as the electrode.The most important characteristic self-healing metalized film capacitors it is produced.


Indications metallized film capacitors produced: 1-capacitors for power factor correction2-capacitor circuits, lighting and motor 3-capacitor filter circuits 4-Other manufacturing capacitors with self-healing technology suppliers

Benefits of metallized film capacitors

Among the advantages of metallized film capacitors are as follows: 1-zinc will result in the lowest reduction in capacity over time.2-layer aluminum prevents surface oxidation film and video storage time increases warehouse. 3-The very low thickness of the metal layer, self-healing property capacitor boost. 4-thick edge to edge capacitor film makes better adhesion of metal particles in the spray process, resulting in lower losses in the capacitor. 5-The price of the film due to low consumption of materials, economic.

Below is an example of a company ZEZ Silko capacitors where the latest technology is used metallized film is shown.