what is Line Reactor

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What is the line reactor

A line reactor as "choke" also known as one of the requirements for completing variable frequency drive (VFD) is composed of a coil winding. Reactor in the flow of it, a magnetic field is formed. Reactors used in the two main types of AC and DC variable frequency drivers are. When a reactor is placed between driver and system power, AC line reactor is used as and when a reactor at the DC connector variable frequency drive is known as the DC-link reactors. Both AC and DC currents harmonic reactors limit. However, a significant advantage for the protection of the VFD AC reactors jumps and power system transients. Because of the power system and driver input terminals are located. Reactors to prevent over-voltage, over-load prevents the driver and increase the reliability and lifetime of the VFD, improved total power factor and switched off the annoying cuts answer.AC line reactors are a few examples of applications include: - Pumps for oil and gas - Irrigation - Water treatment - HVAC - Steel industry - Pulp and paper - Machines - Extruder

The problem created by the VFDs

While the VFD display has the advantage of saving energy and high efficiency, on the other hand, they are also the number one cause pollution electric power system. The most common means of reducing this pollution reactors (or be dirty) and is widely used. Each time the AC voltage reaches its maximum level VFD tend to recharge its capacitors for sudden death. This resulted in short spurts flow. The short jumps during the same affect on the electric power system, which caused a drop in voltage in the power system and the voltage waveform distortion. The magnitude of this distortion relative to the total current harmonic distortion (THDI) or total voltage harmonic distortion (THDV) is the amount that each VFD much greater impact on the system, the greater the power. This distortion can be considered as noise that will pollute the power system, it can even move in the direction of power systems and affect neighboring installations and devices.

The solution

An AC line reactor can remove about 65% THDI harmonics Although not perfect but improved significantly. High maximum current, aging also causes intermittent burning fuse and fuse or circuit breaker of the performance. AC line reactors VFD will also impact power system circuit protection and can be caused by overvoltage cut out. Two types of impedance and impedance line reactors 3% to 5%. 5% impedance line reactors provide less THDI harmonics and line reactors 3% are better protected.

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