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What is Varyak

Varyak Although widely used in industry but are not well known and understood. Varyak an efficient and painless autotransformer for voltage control and other matters related to the alternating voltage output such as temperature, light intensity, speed motor and variable output power supplies. Varyak name is derived from the performance of the device and a continuously variable autotransformer registered name is General Radio. Unlike other Atvtrans, Varyak transformer ratio is absolutely continuous and smooth the output voltage from zero to the device can be controlled or even more so. This paper introduces Varyak and its variants, specifications and its general characteristics, application, review Varyak building and how to choose a suitable Varyak and finally to compare it with similar devices is concerned. Autotransformer is an electrical transformer in which a coil that part of it is shared between primary and secondary circuits. An autotransformer is often used to convert the local power line voltage to another voltage electrical equipment is used for. 125 V to 250 V or often the ratio of 250 to 125 volts is. Autotransformer species from moving pulse is a variable transformer iron or Namyydh Varyak is called. Varyak a brand owned by General Radio, for autotransformer is variable. This variable autotransformer easy to change the output voltage of a constant alternating voltage input is made. Atvtransfvrmatvrhay Varyak word often used to describe other variables also used other manufacturers. (Like Atvtransfvrmatvrhay Mtghyrshrkt Dymrastt). Autotransformers used to adjust the voltage incandescent lamps is an efficient and quiet. While small and lightweight semiconductor dimers Varyak been replaced in many applications, the Transformers, as in the case of a sinusoidal signal without distortion is used. Varyak benefits as a trans Varyak: 1. Such as high-efficiency transformers great. 2. Durable because it is not hot. 3. Can withstand overload. 1000% short-term Avrlvdhay tolerated. 4. Is independent of the load and power factor. No load to full load voltage times of little change. 5. Headless Vsdast and does not add noise to the line. 6. Reliable. Exclusive Dvratrk of Aksydasyvnhay surface damage due to high temperatures refuses. 7. With easy installation. And all associated hardware necessary for installation. There winding the map on the terminal screen. 8. The standard to meet the needs of hundreds of line frequency, voltage, phase, size of load, installation requirements (portable and measuring devices) placed a .. 9. Has guaranteed safety by testing laboratories and product assurance and standard Institute Canada for most models. As well as military applications, especially for 400 Hz models are available.