Types of capacitor

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1-Types of capacitor

Fixed or variable capacitors in terms of capacity, divided into two general groups: 1. fixed capacity capacitors2-capacitor of variable capacity Capacitors are divided into three categories based on the form: 1-capacitor flat 2-spherical capacitor 3. Cylindrical Capacitors The dielectric capacitors used in them are divided into the following categories: 1-capacitor paper 2. Electronic Capacitor 3. Ceramic Capacitors 4-capacitor oil 5-capacitor Gas And the polarity can be divided into two categories: 1-polarized capacitors 2-capacitors without pole

2-Fixed capacitor

These capacitors have a certain capacity that will not change in normal situation. Fixed capacitors based on the type of dielectric material used in classifying and naming them and use them for different purposes. Among the types of ceramic capacitors, mica sheets (paper and plastic), electrolytic, oil, gas, and specific type of film (Film) named. If the dielectric material is formed through a chemical action of the electrolytic capacitor and capacitors dry otherwise it will say. Oil and gas capacitors in the power industry to launch more electric circuits or power factor correction used. Other fixed capacitors with specific characteristics.

3-Variable capacitors

In general, the capacitance change with the change of factors that "are pages", "plate surface" and "dielectric". Variable capacitor based on common levels or changing the thickness of the dielectric capacitor plates, the capacity of a capacitor is directly proportional to the interface of the two plate capacitor. Variable capacitors are generally type air-insulated or plastic. By a removable handle (pivot) the capacity to change practice, "Varyabl" The other type is called and the action taken by drivers as the "Preset" say. Pico farad capacitors Varyabl capacity range of 10 to 400 and from 5 to 30 pico farad capacitors resistors. The capacitors used in receivers to adjust the frequency of the radio station. The capacitors used in radio tuning circuits and therefore the tuning capacitor is sometimes referred capacitors. The capacity of the capacitors is very low, about 100 to 500 Pykvfarad and timing circuits are not used due to low capacity, timing-capacitor circuits is fixed and if necessary period of change, it is done with the help of resistance

2-1-Ceramic capacitors

The most common non-electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors in which the dielectric ceramic is used. Ceramic high dielectric constant, hence the possibility of making capacitors with high capacity in a small size compared to other capacitors created, as a result of their work will be high voltage. Capacity ceramic capacitors is usually between 5 Pykvfarad to micro 1/0. This type of capacitor for disc (lens) and cylindrical ceramic capacitor production and working frequency up to 100 MHz. The big disadvantage of being dependent on their capacity capacitors on the ambient temperature, because the capacitance varies with temperature change. The capacitors in electronic circuits, such as radio communication circuits used.

2-2-Capacitors plates

Capacitors sheets of paper and plastic materials due to their flexibility, is used for the dielectric. This group of capacitors to two capacitors are made of paper and plastic capacitors

2-2-1-Paper Capacitors

This type of capacitor dielectric is made of a thin sheet of porous paper that a suitable dielectric injected into it to prevent it from absorbing moisture. To prevent evaporation of the paper dielectric capacitor put in a sturdy frame and impenetrable. Paper capacitors insulating dielectric constant due to their small physical dimensions are great, but the benefits of these capacitors is that they can be used at high voltages and currents.

2-2-2-Plastic Capacitors

In this type of capacitor dielectric is a thin sheet of plastic. Plastic sheets with a thin sheet of metal (aluminum) for pipe, are packed in a plastic frame. Today, this type of capacitor having good characteristics are used in many circuits. The capacitors are highly sensitive to temperature changes, which is why they are used in circuits that require heat capacitor is fixed. Dyalktrykhayy one of the capacitors used in polystyrene (in English: Polystyrene) is, therefore, the capacitor "polyester" is said to be one of the most common plastic capacitors. The maximum working frequency plastic capacitors is about one MHz.

2-3-Mica capacitors

In this type of thin sheet of mica capacitor between the capacitor plates (metal sheets - aluminum) used in the end, are set in a container to prevent moisture effect. Mica capacitors capacity is approximately between 0.01 to 1 micro. Key features of this high-voltage capacitors can have long life, high-frequency circuits named in the application.

2-4-Electrolytic Capacitors

These capacitors are usually in the micro range. Electrolytic capacitors The capacitors are fixed, but the size and capacity of the larger fixed capacitors. Another name for this capacitor, a chemical capacitor. Calling them by that name is due to a chemical-impregnated dielectric capacitors that in practice, the state of a catalyst, respectively, and will increase the capacitance. Unlike lens capacitor, the capacitor has a pole or positive basis and are negative. The negative terminal of the capacitor body, mark - written. The actual amount of capacity and withstand voltage of the body is inserted. Aluminum and tantalum electrolytic capacitors are made in two types. A wide applications such as filter capacitor circuit diode rectifier dc.

2-5-Aluminium Capacitors

This capacitor, such as capacitor plates consist of two sheets of aluminum. One of the sheets oxide layer is created on the "anode" is called and aluminum cathode role. Its internal structure is that two aluminum sheet with two layers of porous paper among which are both complex and connection wires are connected to the aluminum sheet. After the sheets wrapping it in a suitable electrolyte which accelerates the formation of oxide layer extending up to two layers of porous paper of the electrolyte to be filled. Then put the whole set into a metallic frame with a plastic confetti taut wire passes through a capacitor.

2-6-Tantalum Capacitors

In this type of metal tantalum capacitors are used instead of aluminum. High dielectric constant of tantalum oxide to aluminum oxide (about 3 times) causes tantalum capacitors have a greater capacity to be equal to the volume of aluminum. Tantalum capacitors advantages of aluminum compared to smaller, less leakage current and long operational life and the disadvantages of higher prices, sensitive to voltage and polarity and limited capacity (up to 330 micro farad made) is.