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What is autotransformer

Autotransformer (sometimes called "Atvfvrmr" called) so that only one coil is an electrical transformer. Autotransformer coil tap at least three points for the electrical connection that they say. Input voltage and electrical load connected to two taps and a tap at the end of the coil is common. Each pulse may be associated with different voltage sources and load. Winding in the autotransformer can actually act as primary and secondary windings of the transformer to do.


In phase, autotransformer Bazdhay 40 to 115% of the input voltage. The ratio of secondary to primary voltage is equal to the number of periodic voltage wire that is connected to it. For example, connecting to the center and down the winding autotransformer, voltage half, ie 50%. Depending on the circumstances the autotransformer is supposed to work at it, that part of the coil that only high voltage (low current) use may be made by wire Kmzkhamttr, however, the coil directly to the electrical connection.


Unlike conventional transformer secondary winding is empty and they are electrically isolated (separated), in autotransformers electrical connection exists between the two, so if the neutral wire is not input, output neutral wire will be the ground. The occurrence of bugs in an autotransformer winding insulation could be applied to the entire input voltage on the output. Certainly when using autotransformer mentioned applications, it is important to insulate a safety issue. Since the coils are shorter and smaller nuclei autotransformers need, it is important for applications where power, better and more cost-effective than the conventional transformers. The output voltage of the transformer is three times normal; however economically autotransformer is cheaper than conventional transformers.