What is capacitors

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What is capacitors

capacitor or storage consists of two parallel plates of metal or insulating layer of air is in the midst of it. Electrical energy storage capacitors and resistors with the timing circuits are used. The capacitors used for smoothing the direct voltage changes. The capacitor is used as a filter. Because capacitors easily pass AC signals that direct the signals are prevented. Electric element that can by capacitor voltage electrostatic field (electric charge) in the store. Types of capacitors used in electric circuits. Capacitance capacitor is represented by the letter C the beginning of the word.Since the electric charge in the storage capacitor, the capacitor can be used to create a uniform electric fields. Capacitors can hold electric fields in small volumes. In addition, they can be used to save energy.


The capacity to measure the capability of electrical energy. High capacity means that the capacitor can hold more electrical energy. Farad is the unit of measurement capacity. 1 Farad is a large unit and high capacity is determined. Therefore, the use of smaller units in conventional capacitors. Micro μF, nanofarad Pykvfarad pF nF and smaller units are farad. Of the amount of time that the pages are stacked on the potential difference across the battery capacitance (C) say, that is a constant.

in this connection: C = capacitance in faradsQ = charge in terms of Coulomb V = potential difference across volt generator Pass the vacuum is ε0 = k (without unit) = dielectric constant which is different for each material. Almost for air and vacuum environments such as glass and 1 = K and 1 oil A = surface of the capacitor according to m ^ 2 d = distance between the capacitor Profile in meter (m) The capacitor plates, also called Goshen capacitor usually made of aluminum, silver, tin and zinc are made. The capacitor plates are placed very close together. Insulating air between the capacitor plates are usually made of paper, mica, plastic, ceramic, aluminum oxide and tantalum oxide is. The capacitor dielectric insulation between pages say. There are different types and has a specific dielectric coefficient that is measured relative to the air, are introduced. This factor is called and its dielectric coefficient εr (Apsyln R) display. Consider air dielectric coefficient 1. The coefficient K dielectric materials, as follows:

Structure capacitor

The internal structure of a capacitor consists of two main components: 1-page guide2. The insulation between conductors (dielectric) If the two conductors are placed against the insulation placed between them, capacitors are formed. Usually conductive capacitor plates of aluminum, zinc and silver with a relatively high level and among them insulator (dielectric) of air, paper, mica, plastic, ceramic, aluminum oxide and tantalum oxide is used. The larger the dielectric constant of an insulating material dielectric insulating properties better. For example, the dielectric constant and dielectric constant air 1 7 is aluminum oxide. The insulating properties of aluminum oxide insulating properties of air is 7 times.

Display capacitor

To view the capacitors used in electric circuits of standard symbols for capacitive screen, for example, fixed and variable polarity are shown below.