What is transformer

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What is transformer

Transformer means that electrical energy by two or more coils and electrical inductance of a circuit to another circuit via transfers. This means that the current flow in the circuit (the primary) creates magnetic Ykmydan around the first coil, the magnetic field in turn creates a voltage in the secondary circuit is adding a second circuit This voltage can lead to a secondary flow. VS is the voltage across the coil induced voltage in the secondary primary VP has a ratio to one another that ideally the ratio of the secondary coil to coil Avlyhast:

In this way, by assigning Setting of the transformer windings, it is possible to change the voltage transformer secondary winding provided. One key application of transformers reduce the flow of electric energy transmission lines. The use of transformers at the beginning of lines that all electrical conductors have a certain amount of electrical resistance, and this resistance can cause energy loss along the transmission of electrical energy. The losses in a conductor is directly related to the square of the current through the conductor and thus reducing the losses can be greatly reduced.the standard amount spent. In this way, without the use of transformers take advantage of distant energy sources alone.Transformers are one of Prbazdhtryn electrical equipment so that in some large transformers returns to 99. 75 percent annually. Transformers are used today in a variety of sizes and powers of a transformer in a mic thumbnail to giant multi-gigabit transformer volt-amperes. All these transformers have the same principle but are different in design and construction.

Types of Transformers

Builders and standards in different countries each way transformer division and they have provided definitions for grading. Some trans on different occasions and the operation known as: Lowering transformers, transmissions, auto trans or additional transformers and a group of current and voltage transformers other than trans instrument transformers, power transformers and so-called TransOn the other hand contains a very large transformers to convert the generator output voltage to the voltage and power transmission lines. In between these two sizes (medium) distribution transformers or electric transmission facilities and transformers are converted to standard voltages. Trans often nuclear or parietal are designed. The nuclear type in each half of the coil windings of low voltage and half of the windings, each with a nuclear arm. The type of casing, coils wrapped around a core of magnetic metal and half circuit on the one hand and the other half of the core is closed. In most cases, the type of casing for low voltage and output voltage and output large and small nuclear type used (three-phase or single-phase).Power transformers and power distribution transformer stations such as main transformers and auto transformers, power transformers are usually three-phase, but sometimes may be high because of the size and weight of power and transport problem of the three trans-One Fazastfadh. Industrial transformers such as transformers and transformers welding transformers installation Trans converters for traction and absorption systems used in electric railways and trains. Transformers for testing measurement, protection and other electrical applications. While the strengthening of a new type of transformer Bvstrfvrmr has launched a feeding rail system is used. This type of oil is not used in transformers and simple insulation system has been used. Use Bvstrfvrmr economically efficient and less harm to the environment. Technology used in Bvstrfvrmr, as Powerformer and Dryformer of (dry type transformers) is based on the use of cables. The transformer is composed of a high voltage cable in the form of a coil is wound around an iron core. Bvstrfvrmr of oil is not in use. The need for continuous inspection of oil (oil temperature, measure and analyze the gas and oil) disappeared and maintenance service costs come down. Because the entire transformer, transformer type high safety factor. Bvstrfvrmr due to the use of standard fasteners, the confidence is high current boost converters with a distance of 5 km from each other, on the railways and on feeders are installed. This type of transformer can be installed either on Mercury and on the ground. Fvrmr boosters may be used in many countries for different power supplies. The number of such transformers for power supply rail northern European countries are made.

Current transformer

Current transformers for sampling the flow of current through the primary coil and the secondary coil inductance used. Ayntransfvrmrha for protection and measurements at the beginning and also at the entrance Per Tvanrah input transformer and power transformer secondary inputs and outputs as well as posts and other key points that need to be monitored flow at that point to be handled that Which of these points with special transformer to both Jdagry and buildings and how to see the power and precision (micrometer), installed and used. Current transformers from the primary and secondary windings emerged that the actual flow of the initial post and after passing through the process and according to it, the little (close to several amperes) is created in the secondary. Secondary transformers with less of its original size so high that all the properties in its primary coil to the low voltage utility post and the relay represents connected. The secondary windings of the transformers has a period earlier than is often Tnhashaml a few rounds of bullion or ingots has to be made.The point that is substantially the size of the number of laps wound that should have been asked was over. In the secondary wire around the core wire enamel. Protection cores are made regardless of distance correction, but the core measure to achieve the accuracy required over and done away NB The time correction in the secondary, the other point is that the design Brynh (cross-section) It should also be beneficial winding transformers in normal conditions and in emergency situations such as the current or any errors that may appear to have the ability to measure samples flow. One of the most important in the building of a current transformer, high voltage difference between primary and secondary, because the primary voltage of the voltage post, though secondary voltage is very low due to the need to have enough isolation between primary and secondary is. Current transformers that are used in high voltage substations, with paper and oil separators (at) respectively.

Voltage transformer

Or so-called voltage (VT) PT high voltage transformer primary and secondary are certain that with low voltage. Rated power of the transformer is very low, and the only purpose is to provide an example of the power system voltage for measurement and control devices. Such as voltage transformers for voltage sampling is used, must be very precise voltage distortion Tamvjb not true. Voltage transformers are built in various grades of accuracy and precision required in the measurement when buying should be noted in this class. Unlike the voltage across the transformer output current transformer must never be short circuit.

Capacitive voltage transformer (CVT)

Or capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) is a voltage transformer to convert the high voltage energy transmission system to measure the amount and usability for protection and control systems applied voltage. Heat Potential (Piti) with two early primary and secondary coils are connected directly to high voltage, the voltage level of 132 kV are used, while Syvytyha used at higher voltages. The capacitance of the capacitor voltage transformer is used as a voltage divider and voltage divider connected between phase and earth the power grid. Syvyty coupling capacitor also plays a role and power line carrier Frkansbalay signals to the transmission line pair.