How to insulation test low-voltage panel

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insulation test for panels

The low-voltage switchboard with voltage 1kv Dc to the main circuit by migraine in 1 minute, but by using a new technology operators time to record not the device itself that intelligent right time to calculate the resistance is automatically calculated and shows the new IEC 61439 standard insulation resistance value for each circuit must be at least V / Ω1000 and experimentally should be more than 5 Mohme

how to test

This test phase must be between the lines, neutral and earth connection as follows done in 5 states. 1) L1 with L2, L3, N, PE 2) L2 with L1, L3, N, PE 3) L3 with L1, L2, N, PE 4) N with L1, L2, L3, PE 5) PE with L1, L2,L3, N

Insulation test table

Insulation Resistance Test Values for Electrical Apparatus and Systems