Types of transducers

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Voltage Transducer

RMS monitors the transducer and Voltage lower or higher than normal are identified and defined. Prevent overheating of the engine. Voltage transducers are used primarily in telecom power supplies and DC. The transducer depending on the type and size of are used in computers and large transformers , And by measuring the voltage permanently and keep it at a certain level to prevent damage to electronic devices.

Current Transducer

Isolators DC converters and industrial and automation sector is very common. Control without the isolator of the security will be low and a high vulnerability. The two-wire or four-wire models with power converters usually you desire and suffering mV and mA or VDC are available.The converters can be fed in addition to how to install and compact models or Slim's or adjustable models that have been mentioned in adjustable exchange Direct current converters with a current or voltage of the CT and PT in the range of suffering (between 10 and 600 mA and zero to 220 volts) can be based on your desired output True RMS or average input supply. The transducer for items that require calculations and display registration information or factors, power plants and electricity distribution network lines and or Each case of alternating current and voltage as the output device, such as a taco generator can provide a lot of problems there.

Frequency transducer

Frequency transducer for input pulse of mechanical contact, transistor (open collector) or voltage pulses (with different frequencies) is designed. The transducer can also be output according to the customer's choice of discrete outputs and RS232 output or analog output. As well as the isolator to 2000V AC isolation between input and output and nourish the spirit. Frequency transducers can be used along with Flvmtrhayy the pulse output and the actual amount of consumption based on the number of pulses in the analog output for PLC or controller sent indicator. Shaft encoders can also be output to a pulse converter and the RS232 output can be used to send output to the relatively long distances.

Active and reactive power transducer

Power converters to be sent to the parameter values and factors related to distance or according to the inputs and PLC controller that is in the plant and or Even recording systems (data ecousitions) used. In many cases, energy management and optimize the electrical distribution system in need of such transducers will be able to factors such as impedance and the actual voltage alternating current, active power and reactive, power factor, frequency, AC apparent power, active or reactive energy , apparent power, phase angle and power factor in single-phase or three-phase systems with balanced or unbalanced load, the load-independent proportional current signal or DC voltage and the output can be measured and transmitted .transducers these problems can be helpful.

Transducer power factor (power factor)

To measure the angle between the voltage and current, power factor (power factor), single-phase and three-phase sine wave system with load balancing and output signal proportional to the angle between the voltage and current independent of the load current and DC voltage as well as for conversion phase angle difference, 2 sync source or angle of 2 phase balanced network to an output signal that can be used to serve several other means.

Programmable transducer

Heat adjustable to allow technicians input and output, depending on the project requirements and your Adavt adjust the input and output transducers. Now this is an example of the transducers are constant requests from more than models. You can spend a little more with the help of a converter've all universal inputs voltage and current, thermocouple types and Trmvrzystns or variable resistance potentiometer turned to the desired output and Set the range with calibration device and all this just by changing a few simple DIP switch or jumpers and connect it to a PC with the corresponding software to be made cables. Change range of input - Programmable input and output by the PC via cable RS 232 - as well as the ability to plan for a variety of types PT and CT - Microprocessor-based control system for high accuracy - Simulation of measurement for a variety of parameters such as current, voltage, frequency and is capable of this type of transducer is pressed against.

Resistance transducer

Transducer output resistance is a function of the resistance between terminals as DC input Simply put, when a variable resistance potentiometer want to voltage or current standard 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V, such as convert temperature transducer is pressed against the best available means for you.Basically, the resistance transducer means to convert linear or angular displacement Lee is an electrical signal. However, mechanical methods, the possibility that the power shift pressure to become, so this device is also useful to measure the force and pressure.

Temperature Transducer

Temperature converter to output temperature sensors such as thermocouples and RTD types and convert it to the desired standard signals such as 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V to serve Temperature Transducer in a variety of models such as customizable as other types of transducers, mounting rail, multi-sensor, such as the head, and a thin and compact models are available, each depending on the installation location and type of inputs and outputs use their ownThe transducer calibration precision adjustable by potentiometers are different With this transducer and temperature sensor output can be turned into a flow signal to be sent over long distances. In the case of thermocouple sensors also create secondary thermocouples in the joints and errors caused by wire connection could undermine the accuracy of the measured values using temperature transducer or transmitter can be substantially overcome the problem In addition to the types of thermocouple wires, such as R and S price was substantially offset by savings the cost of wiring the entire project will be considerably low. Adjustable temperature transducers to convert sensor input PT / 100 into a variety of analog output. Biggest advantage of this device is that it can be the Min and Max C PT / 100 to set.

Translate Transducer isolated

Isolator energy needed to get through the DC signal and power supply are not isolated, so they say because in this way the risk of fire and interactions once isolated.

Pressure Transducer

One of the most transducer, Pressure transducer is pressure Transducer. The output device is a pressure sensor and an electric current 4-20 mA signal is converted to make it through the wire to be transmitted over long distances.Transducer output microcontroller or other processor systems are so different parameters such as pressure vessels and pressure are carefully controlled. A pressure sensor and a transducer, the sensor measures the pressure parameter and set the value delivered to the transducer, the transducer can understand it to an electrical signal sent to the controller, and of course by wire, metal, he does turned.

Capacitive transducer

capacitive transducers are often used to measure the height of liquids in tanks are used. By changing the height of the liquid, the dielectric constant between the electrodes of the capacitor dielectric between the electrodes is changed after the change of liquid height in the reservoir capacitor is calculated .

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