What is Transducer

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What is Transducer

Digital device for digital measurement devices is one of the most important concerns that should be treated with a quantity of analog versus digital device. Basically how this can be analog with a digital device measured? The answer to this question is very simple. The first initiative is the engineers converter. The quantity of the analog-to-digital conversion to. Transducers are one of the most important tools to do so. Work transducer is to convert one form of energy into other energy. Here there is no limit to the type of energy. This means that each of the forms of electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, etc. As well as quantity, such as tapes, magnetic and … also convert. In fact, there is a limit to the type or quantity of energy.Transducer of electrical equipment in industrial automation systems whereby the parameters of the sampling grid (Network single-phase and three-phase network) And they have become the standard signal input devices are used in the measurement. The most common quantities measured by transducers are, position, force, speed, acceleration, pressure, level, flow and temperature of liquids. The transducer output in response to a change in the physical parameter of how close and how fast its input changes, The key to success is the control system. Some of the output transducers are selectable or programmable. The user can software, all calibration parameters of the converter. The transducers are widely used in oil and gas, petrochemical, power, steel, cement, engineering, medicine, pharmaceutical, robotics, etc. is inevitable.

How do transducer

A transducer (converter), by definition, is a device that converts an electrical signal generated by the sensor (different quantities analog and temperature) into a standard electrical signal (standard signal voltage 5 -0, the current standard signals 20-4 mA) and Signals used isolation. Transducer with an input voltage ranging from current or duty charged that the transformer secondary voltage or output supply current and a DC value to the consumer at their mA. The purpose of this transfer of current or voltage output in the mA converter to distant sites. In fact 5A secondary that a CT or a VT 100 V secondary can not be transferred to the control room at five hundred meters, the meaning is that the transducer. Imagine that a secondary 5A a current transformer is feeding a current transducer, however, a current of 20 mA transducer will appear in your output. Usually 20 mA transducer for famous input to appear in the output. But if current transformer secondary current is zero, we can expect transducer zero mA or 4 mA output does appear. If you want 4 mA transducer itself does appear for zero input, you must have the transducer separate feed.Transducer that appear to zero for zero MA transducer that appear to zero for zero input in his output, can (may) have fed from your input and other independent power. input in his output, can (may) have fed from your input and other independent power. Some people think that they must be current or voltage transformer turns ratio to determine the manufacturer of the transducer, but I do not think, There is no indication that the transducer itself, for example, 20 mA is equivalent to the actual quantity, But if you want the output of a transducer in our reading room there must be constructive to say that ammeter ammeter For example, we need that for 20 mA, 100 mA and 4 mA to vote, to show zero. The output of 20-4 mA transducers for process control is used to read in the room.

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