What is Power Analyzers

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Power Analyzers

Power Analyzer is a tool to accurately measure the characteristics of electric power generators, power transformational deals. The accurate measurement of the actual power inverters, motor drivers, office equipment, supplies and equipment on hand. Today, power analyzers have many applications, for example, can be loaded energy systems single-phase or three-phase symmetrical systems measure capable of measuring parameters such as voltage, current, watts, Spooky, active power, reactive power, kVA. As well as the ability to connect to a computer to record the minimum and maximum. With the advances in energy efficiency and power, increasing demand for accurate and reliable measurement of electric energy there. Stable and reliable analyzer that enables engineers to power dissipation in inverters, motor, lighting and power circuits to prevent.In electrical systems and power measuring device for measuring and analyzing the watts and there kW. The multi-function meter or Power Analyzer Multi-Function Power analyzers, which are direct and alternating voltage AC, DC, AC or DC intensity and phase rotation measures. Analyzer Multifunctional Power or Power Analyzer Multi-Function As for measuring energy used, can also be used for harmonic analysis and phase rotation. Depending on the use, power analyzers are available in various types.Anaz·h measurement and analysis of pay. Pavrmtrha Powermeter devices that are used to calculate the power, energy, active and reactive power, power factor and voltage measurement, flow have been designed As you know, the introduction of energy per unit time is measured in units of Watts and The electricity is obtained by multiplying the voltage and current. However, the electrical system, especially during intermittent need to analyze many factors are involved in the production and transmission of electric energy consumption Drtjhyzat very effective. Power analyzers or harmonic analyzers for the measurement of such parameters such as voltage, current, harmonic distortion and many power quality parameters were designed. It is equipped with software for analysis, as well as probes and clamps for measuring current and voltage phase.