What is Power Analyzers

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Power Analyzers

Power Analyzer is a tool to accurately measure the characteristics of electric power generators, power transformational deals. The accurate measurement of the actual power inverters, motor drivers, office equipment, supplies and equipment on hand. Today, power analyzers have many applications, for example, can be loaded energy systems single-phase or three-phase symmetrical systems measure capable of measuring parameters such as voltage, current, watts, Spooky, active power, reactive power, kVA. As well as the ability to connect to a computer to record the minimum and maximum. With the advances in energy efficiency and power, increasing demand for accurate and reliable measurement of electric energy there. Stable and reliable analyzer that enables engineers to power dissipation in inverters, motor, lighting and power circuits to prevent.In electrical systems and power measuring device for measuring and analyzing the watts and there kW. The multi-function meter or Power Analyzer Multi-Function Power analyzers, which are direct and alternating voltage AC, DC, AC or DC intensity and phase rotation measures. Analyzer Multifunctional Power or Power Analyzer Multi-Function As for measuring energy used, can also be used for harmonic analysis and phase rotation. Depending on the use, power analyzers are available in various types.Anaz·h measurement and analysis of pay. Pavrmtrha Powermeter devices that are used to calculate the power, energy, active and reactive power, power factor and voltage measurement, flow have been designed As you know, the introduction of energy per unit time is measured in units of Watts and The electricity is obtained by multiplying the voltage and current. However, the electrical system, especially during intermittent need to analyze many factors are involved in the production and transmission of electric energy consumption Drtjhyzat very effective. Power analyzers or harmonic analyzers for the measurement of such parameters such as voltage, current, harmonic distortion and many power quality parameters were designed. It is equipped with software for analysis, as well as probes and clamps for measuring current and voltage phase.

Now let's introduce the Ziegler power analyzer type mfm 3430.

The Ziegler mfm 3430 is a panel mounted 96 x 96mm DIN Quadratic Digital metering system for the measurement important electrical parameters like AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency, Power, Energy (Active / Reactive / Apparent) . The instrument integrates accurate measurement technology (Voltage& Current measurements are True RMS up to 15th Harmonic) with 3 line 4 digits Ultra high brightness LED display. Ziegler mfm 3430 can be configured and programmed at site for the following : PT primary CT Primary, CT Secondary (5A or 1A). The front panel has two push buttons through which the user may scroll through the available measurement readings ,reset the energy (Import /Export) Min /Max (System Voltage and System Current) and configure the product.

Measurement Reading Screens

In normal operation the user is presented with one of the measurement reading screens out of several screens .These screens may be scrolled through one at a time in incremental order by pressing the “ Up key ”and in decremental order by pressing “ Down key.” 1 : System screen (System Voltage ,System Current , System Active Power) 2 : Phase Angle ,Frequency, Sys. Power Factor 3 : System Power (Reactive, Apparent ,Active) 4 : Active Energy(Import) 5 : Active Energy (Export) 6 : Reactive Energy(Import) 7 : Reactive Energy(Export) 8 : Apparent Energy 9 : Min Sys Voltage & Current 10 : Max Sys Voltage& Current 11 : Voltage & Current % THD Etc.


The following sections comprise step by step procedures for configuring the 3430 for individual user requirements. To access the set-up screens press and hold the Key simultaneously for 5 seconds .This will take the User into the Password Protection Entry Stage . With this way you can do the following:- Password Protection - Set Up Screens (Potential Transformer Primary Value , .Current Transformer Primary Value , Current Transformer Secondary Value , Pulse Rate , Resets , Address Setting , Pulse Duration , Low Current noise cutoff , Assignment of Energy to pulse output 1 , Assignment of Energy to pulse output 2 , RS 485 Baud Rate , RS 485 Parity Selection , Analog Output 1 Selection : ( Optional ) , Analog Output 2 Selection : ( Optional ))

Analog Output ( optional )

This module provides two d.c .isolated outputs. There are two output options 1) Two 0 - 1mA outputs , internally powered.2) Two 4 - 20mA outputs , internally powered. The 0- 1mA output module has an 0V return on each end of the 4 way connector. On both modules the output signals are present on pins A1 & A2. These outputs can be individually assigned to represent any one of the measured and displayed Parameters.

Refer diagrams

RS 485 ( ModBus ) Output

3430 supports MODBUS (RS485) RTU protocol ( 2-wire). Connection should be made using twisted pair shielded cable .All" A "and" B "connections are daisy chained together .The screens should also be connected to the“ Gnd ”terminal .To avoid the possibility of loop currents , an Earth connection should be made at one point on the network.Loop (ring) topology does not require any termination load .Line topology may or may not require terminating loads depending on the type and length of cable used .The impedance of the termination load should match the impedance of the cable and be at both ends of the line .The cable should be terminated at each end with a 120 ohm (1/4 Watt min.) resistor . RS 485 network supports maximum length of 1.2km .Including the Master ,a maximum of 32 instruments can be connected in RS485 network.

Pulse output option

The pulse output gives pulses at the rate proportional to the measured energy. There are two options available, 1 (One Pulse Output : Relay 1 can be configured either to Active ) Import / Export ( energy or Reactive ( Import / Export ) energy or Apparent energy .2 (Two Pulse Output : Here it is possible to assign Relay 1 and Relay 2 to Active ( Import / Export ) energy or Reactive ( Import / Export ) energy or Apparent energy. The pulse divisor and pulse width(duration) can be configured .When two pulse outputs are fitted ,they share a common divisor value and pulse width. NOTE: If system power is selected in W then default pulse rate is 1 pulse per Wh (upto 3600W) . If the system power is scaled in kW then default pulse rate is 1 pulse per kWh (upto 3600 kW) .If the system power is over 3600 kWh then pulse rate is 1 pulse per MWh.

Phaser Diagram

Refer the diagram for explanation.

Inductive means Current lags V oltage. Capacitive means Current leads V oltage.When 3430 displays Active power( P )with ” + “ ( positive sign ) , the connection is “ Import ” . When 3430 displays Active power( P )with ” - “ (negative sign ) ,the connection is “ Export. ”


Mounting is by four side clamps ,slide the side clamps through side slot till side clamp gets firmly locked in a groove (Refer fig.) Consideration should be given to the space required behind the instrument to allow for bends in the connection cables. As the front of the enclosure conforms to IP54 it is protected from water spray from all directions ,additional protection to the panel may be obtained by the use of an optional panel gasket .The terminals at the rear of the product should be protected from liquids. The 3430 should be mounted in a reasonably stable ambient temperature and where the operating temperature is within the range -10 to 55 C. Vibration should be kept to a minimum and the product should not be mounted where it will be subjected to excessive direct sunlight.


1.In the interest of safety and functionality this product must be installed by a qualified engineer ,abiding by any local regulations. 2. Voltages dangerous to human life are present at some of the terminal connections of this unit .Ensure that all supplies are de-energised before attempting any connection or disconnection.3.These products do not have internal fuses therefore external fuses must be used to ensure safety under fault conditions.

EMC Installation Requirements

This product has been designed to meet the certification of the EU directives when installed to a good code of practice for EMC in industrial environments, e g . 1.Screened output and low signal input leads or have provision for fitting RF suppression components ,such as ferrite absorbers ,line filters etc ,.in the event that RF fields cause problems.Note: It is good practice to install sensitive electronic instruments that are performing critical functions ,in EMC enclosures that protect against electrical interference which could cause a disturbance in function. 2.Avoid routing leads alongside cables and products that are ,or could be ,a source of interference. 3.To protect the product against permanent damage ,surge transients must be limited to 2kV pk .It is good EMC practice to suppress differential surges to 2kV at the source .The unit has been designed to automatically recover in the event of a high level of transients .In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to temporarily disconnect the auxiliary supply for a period of greater than 5 seconds to restore correct operation. 4.ESD precautions must be taken at all times when handling this product.

Case Dimension and Panel Cut Out


Input connections are made directly to screw-type terminals with indirect wire pressure. Numbering is clearly marked in the plastic moulding .Choice of cable should meet local regulations .Terminal for both Current and Voltage inputs will accept up to 2x3 mm2 diameter cables. Note : It is recommended to use wire with lug for connection with meter

Auxiliary Supply

3430 should ideally be powered from a dedicated supply, however it may be powered from the signal source ,provided the source remains within the limits of the chosen auxiliary voltage.


It is recommended that voltage lines are fitted with 1 amp HRC fuses.

Earth/Ground Connections

For safety reasons ,CT secondary connections should be grounded in accordance with local regulations.

Connection Diagrams