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Synchronization definition

Define synchronization: Connect two separate networks in a way that does not create any significant impact flow.

Terms of synchronization

Voltage: by changing the intensity of the excitation current generators in power plants and the use of compensation is done in post.      Frequency: The initial stimulus generators will be done by regulation.     Equality of the phase difference (in phase) for each system is the first circuit, the circuit is tested by the Department of repairs. Thus, as long as no major changes on the network, is established.      Rotating the field of equality: the right phase can be controlled by three lamps. The bulbs should be connected between phases of the same name, will be closed. If this is the case (to bars) phase sequence is correct, the lamps are turned off together, but if the wrong phase, the lights are switched off one after another.

Automatic synchronization

The operator is responsible, automatic sync button press and waits. Automatic synchronization circuit and automatically frequencies and voltages equal and in the absence of the two-phase system, the Dzhnktvr automatically be connected. If needed parallel operation is done in post, there needs to coincide with the national dispatching center to produce changes in different areas is carried out, the frequency of the network. Automatic synchronization between 5 to 10 minutes remaining in the circuit. If you were prepared for synchronous conditions, the two networks are parallel to each other. Otherwise the system will be shut down.

manually Synchronize

After leveling the voltage and frequency of the network due to hand movement Snkrvnskvp device, when the hand reaches the zero point, the two networks are in phase. At that moment, can be used to connect Dzhnktvr.


When the national grid power line accident cut off one or more of the network from outside the ring and becomes linear network. It does not change the frequency of the synchronous network but to ensure, when the synchronous switch is turned on, information on the Czech board should be synchronized. First hand Snkrvnskvp device is fixed on the spot. Secondly, the angle at which the zero point Snkrvnskvp makes more than 15 ± °. The azimuth angle load (LOAD ANGLE) say. The angle of the incoming voltage and the voltage transmitted over the network comes up.

Czech synchronous operation is done in two ways: 1. AutomaticallyBy pressing the Auto button, the system is Snkrvchk into orbit. If the load angle is less than 15 ± ° to zero, immediately Dzhnktvr connected network comes to the ring. Otherwise, after a few minutes without Dzhnktvr connected Kharjmy Snkrvchk of the circuit. 2. To manually Snkrvchk manual for the network device Snkrvnskvp into orbit, and we consider it to hand. If the load angle is not more than 15 ± o, we can connect our respective Dzhnktvr. If the load angle of 15 ± o is, we are not allowed to connect Dzhnktvr until measures to reduce the angle taken by the national dispatching Then, after reducing the load angle can plug in my Dzhnktvr. Synkrvsvyych This equipment is used to control the switching circuit breaker know that open or close button may cause overvoltage or transient currents due to the switching of overcurrent or overvoltages cause adverse effects in insulation equipment or In addition, the equipment is mechanical forces cause errors and even system protection and control system is a computer or telecommunications.