Types of Frequency meter

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Types of Frequency meter

All alternating voltage sources are generated at a set frequency or range of frequencies. A frequency meter provides a means of measuring this frequency. Two common types of frequency meters are the vibrating-reed frequency meter and the moving-disk frequency meter.

Moving-Disk Frequency Meter

Moving-Disk Frequency Meter They can be used to spot check the frequency of power sources or equipment signals. One coil tends to turn the disk clockwise, and the other, counterclockwise. Magnetizing coil A is connected in series with a large value of resistance. Coil B is connected in series with a large inductance and the two circuits are supplied in parallel by the source.

Vibrating-Reed Frequency Meter

The vibrating-reed frequency meter is one of the simplest devices for indicating the frequency of an ac source. Vibrating-reed frequency meters are usually in-circuit meters. They are used on power panels to monitor the frequency of ac.