How to use an ammeter

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How to use an ammeter

Ammeter is in many ways like a water meter that measures the amount of water consumed by households. Both ammeter and water meter should be placed in orbit that electricity and water currents cross them, so as to measure the flow.Ammeter should be placed in orbit so that all the electric current passes through it, so that all the intensity of electric current to be measured by it. This type of connection or series connection is called straight. The circuit components in a straight line (a path) for each connection. As shown in the circuit ammeter must be connected in series

Putting the ammeter in the circuit

To insert an ammeter in series circuit to follow this procedure. 1. Disconnect or turn off the power supply circuit. 2. that part of the circuit that you want ammeter are located, open or cut. 3-on ammeter to the positive wire to the positive pole of the cell or phase, will connect. 4. The end of the negative cable to the negative terminal of the cell or neutral ammeter to go, please. Steps 3, 4 (which are positive transition to positive, negative to negative) and it is important to call attention to polarity. Because the meter ammeter shows the current strength in one direction. If the meter is put photos on the circuit, because the flow in the opposite direction (that is not suitable ammeter) passes through and the deviation occurs that breaks down or bend it (as in analog Mprmtrhay) and in the digital Mprmtrhay makes View current value is negative. Red plug into the red jack black jack jack black ammeter and ammeter connected at the top.

If you have a digital ammeter, ammeter enough wire interface in the COM and COM and mA A and for smaller streams to be installed. Here, too, the installation of wire transfer only the desired number is negative. Must be pre-installed in the circuit, placed in AC and DC mode (as required) then put the suffering of those in the highest mode (in case of lack of flow) and put it in series in the circuit. For example, if your Selector 0.5 put the number up to 0.5 mA device can measure up to 10 mA if 10 is 250 to 250 mA If measures. And if the circuit is greater than the range of choice selector, ammeter shows a value of 1.