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Cable connection systems

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OBO - Connection and fasting systems (VBS)
  • OBO - Connection and fasting systems (VBS) Just plug in This is the easiest way to connect or disconnect rigid conductors and strands: OBO's new screwless connection terminals for flexible and rigid cables. Simple connection and release Simple checking of the stripping length Test opening For flexible and rigid conductors Rigid conductors can be inserted without even handling the release lever Connection cross-sections of 0.2 to 2.5 mm2 Tested to EN 60998
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Junction boxes
  • Company OBO junction boxes to protect wires and terminals from moisture and fire and heat used. The junction box with IP56 protection degree consists of 4 models are: T-Serie , B-Serie, A-Serie, Fire Box
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OBO Grip, bus holder
  • OBO Grip, bus holder OBO Grip M, 2031 M/15 OBO Grip M, 2031 M/30 OBO Grip M, 2031 M/70
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Pressure clip, metal
  • Pressure clip, metal OBO metal pressure companies to implement cable clamps are used on the roof and has two models with the following characteristics 2033M are installed with a maximum of 50 cm, diameter 10 mm, 16 2034M are installed with a maximum of 60 cm, diameter 10 mm, 10
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Push-fit anchor
  • German company OBO push fit connectors used for connecting to the wall cable pipes and equipment This category includes STP / 910 mounting plate or push fit connectors Page SG / PP drainage pipes push fit 1974 and 1974/2 push fit connectors to install two pipes 1973 push fit connectors installed several pipe
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Quick Pipe
  • Plumbing system quick to install and run pipeline company OBO Germany Kabul in the shortest time possible, and include the following equipment 910 / N ROWLPLUG 2955 / M16 pipe clamps 2953 / M16 cable pipes 2953 / M16-B Cable Pipe Elbow 2953 / M16-T three-way pipe 2953 / M16-M increased the length of the tube
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T series
  • T series systems company OBO junction boxes resistant to moisture and dust, and includes the following equipment 910 / N Dowel 4758 bolt 2037 building V-TEC VM building insulation 61/325
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