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Watt meter

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Analog Panel Wattmeter/Varmeter
  • LM Analog Panel Wattmeter/Varmeter , available in 96x96 & 144x144mm , are suitable to indicate export and import , active and reactive power on sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal current . The Watt meters, LM96 are offered for the AC systems single phase , 3 phase balanced load 3 or 4 wire , 3 phase unbalanced load 3 or 4 wire .
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Analog panel wattmeter/varmetter
  • The Watt and Var meters , LML are offered for the following AC systems , single phase , 3 phase balanced load 3 or 4 wire , 3 phase unbalanced load 3 or 4 wire . LML 96 | 144 housed in moulded polycarbonate cases are suitable for the measurement of active and reactive power . They can be used both on sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal current .
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Digital Panel Meters
  • Digital Panel Meter are using to read measured values of DC and AC parameters of current, voltage, frequency, Watt, Var,power factor and temperature. The meters are displaying values on Seven segments .
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Digital Wattmeter/Varmeter AC
  • measurement equipment Includes a digital voltmeter and AC digital voltmeter.
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  • DPM 96x96 Series measures system active power (Import / Export) , Reactive power(Import / Export) , Apparent Power & Power Factor of three phase & single phase network . IT has 4 digit single line auto ranging LED display with polarity Indication .
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Power Meter
  • Digital multifunction meters from Ziegler instruments with multiple parameter measurement is world renowned in the power and energy sector . Ziegler Delta Power Meter measures important electrical parameters in 3 phase and single phase Network & replaces the multiple analog panel meters .
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DC Multifunction meter
  • Ziegler EM DC series is specially designed to measure, display and communicate DC Voltage, Current, Power and Energy to monitor and control the target system. It can be mentioned as its applications in below : -Solar Photovoltaic Systems -Battery chargers and systems -Wind Power Generation -Electroplating Industries -Power Distribution for Telecommunication -Industrial DC control Systems
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Multi differential protection relay
  • The MDR-2 differential protection relay is a micro processor based control unit containing all necessary functions for monitoring of the differential currents for a synchronous/asynchronous generator or motor (the object). Via current transformers the MDR-2 measures each phase current on both sides of the object. The current transformers determine the limits of the protection area. Any failure within these limits (2- or 3-phase short circuits or earth leaks) will be detected as an error Id: Differential currents, the currents flowing through the two current transformers of the phase in question differ, and, if a preset limit value is exceeded, a warning will be given or a tripping signal transmitted. The MDR-2 dynamic compensation curves for warning and tripping are defined by the user.
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DC Signal Meter
  • The moving coil meters are applied to measure low power DC signals, for example 0 to 1 mA/4 to 20 mA/0 to 10V DC etc. DQ is available in four different sizes, in other words 48 mm, 72 mm, 96 mm and 144 mm.
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Single frequency meter
  • Pointer frequency meter consisting of a moving coil instrument with built-in electronics for converting the frequency to a voltage signal. Also , Reed frequency meter with one row of metal reeds vibrating at the applied frequency (resolution: 1/4 Hz). With high immunity to 3rd harmonics, DEIF Pointer frequency meter is suitable for all applications.
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