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OBO Fire protection systems

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OBO - Fire protection systems (BSS)
  • OBO - Fire protection systems (BSS) Nowadays, fire protection presents many planners and installation engineers of building equipment with almost insurmountable obstacles. Installations run like networks through complex building structures. The art of the planner is to harmonise the various networks, such as supply and disposal, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, with the electrical installation. That in itself is difficult. In addition, the thought of building safety has been at the forefront for several years now. The sensitivity towards fire protection in buildings is growing.
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Fire protection competence
  • Protection from fire is dependent on the size of the building and its users, for example, small buildings, public and industrial systems have different requirements. The first stage of a fire protection is fire protection The second stage of fire protection is the protection of exit routes The third stage of the electrical system is protected against fire OBO fire protection system all your needs for this important
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Insulation systems
  • OBO Insulation systems of fire protection contain pyroplate fiber pyromix pyrocomb intube pyrosit NG pyrobag pyroplug series pyrowrap pyroliq
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Fire protection Duct
  • Fire protection Duct,Duct fire protection, fire protection duct company OBO, education Duct wiring, fire Duct, Duct Fire
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