borna niroo karan company services contain lightning protection systemn and surges is: 1. The design and calculations 2-equipment supply 3-Implementation protection systems 4. Training

  • services from bornika company for Design and calculations Lightning protection system is: - Engineering design based on international standards (IEC 62305, BS 7430, BS 6651, IEEE 81, IEEE 142, NFC 17-102, ...) in order to ensure the protection and promotion of safety equipment and people against direct lightning strike and the effects of the shocks Protection - Determine the level of protection and earthing system and how the calculations based on the latest methods specified in the standard

  • one of services from bornika company supply Equipments of lightning protection systems with best quality is: -Active lightning arrester -Graphic templates and Welding -Visit earthing valve -copper plate and earthing rod -protective arrester

  • bornika company with the benefit of experienced technicians ready to offer the services follows: Installation of Lightning Implementation of earthing system Install protective Arrester Measuring soil electrical conductivity Earth resistance measurement system

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